Damian Chambers claimed the central area Cruiserweight title on Saturday night, knocking local fighter Jay Farrell out cold in the second round.

Despite Farrell being from Liverpool, Preston’s Chambers brought a large following with his team, allowing for an electric atmosphere during the nights main event.

The fight was billed as a 50/50 contest and it certainly delivered on those expectations. Each fighter secured a knockdown before Roberts landed the final knockout blow, a beautifully timed right hook that nobody inside the Olympia seen coming.

Chambers established his jab early on, with Farrell struggling to adapt and cope with his heavy-handed opponent. The fight promised fireworks, and that is exactly what fans were given as Farrell caught Chambers on the inside and dropped him to the canvas, however it was just a flash knockdown and Damian quickly recovered.

Farrell admitted after that he thought he had Chamber’s number and the fight was now in his hands, however “Chambo” had other ideas.

With Jay looking to finish the fight early on in the second round, Chambers secured his first knockdown of the fight and the atmosphere picked up as a result.

The two Cruiserweights were now circling each other, looking to find a gap and land a big hook or overhand to finish the fight, and it was Chambers who found the decisive punch.

Farrell dropped his guard midway through the second, allowing Chambers to time a right hook to perfection, rendering Farrell unconscious on the canvas.

The fight was never going to last more than six rounds, with both men expecting an early finish. It was always going to be a case of who simply lands first or lands the biggest blow.

Chambers now joins the likes of Johnny Nelson in lifting the title and will be looking to move onto bigger fights. The 31 year old does not want to be remembered as a journeyman and is looking to secure more belts.