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England Under-21

Human rights in Qatar 2022: FA must find voice, says Amnesty

Human rights organisation Amnesty UK is calling on the English FA to be more vocal in raising awareness of related issues at the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Norway, Germany and the Netherlands have made a stand against human rights issues that have been reported in connection with the tournament.

NFL mock draft 2.0: predicting landing spots for top prospects

The NFL Draft begins Thursday April 29. Here is our mock draft 2.0 predicting the landing spots for top prospects.

UFC 261: 5 Possible Outcomes after Saturday’s event

UFC 261 returns to normal practice this weekend, as the Jacksonville Arena will host its first UFC main event since May of last year. The Florida state will see a card for the ages with three titles fights weighed in,...

NBA : Five Duo’s to look out for ahead of the play offs

  With just over a month until the NBA Play-off’s the season looks to be heating up. Last night saw the Knicks extend their longest winning streak since 2014, with a big game against the Raptors tomorrow at Madsion Square...
640px-Podium_2017_Malaysia,_Lewis_Hamilton_and_Max_Verstappen from creative commons by Morio

Is Max Verstappen capable of ending Lewis Hamilton’s dominance?

With the 2021 Formula 1 season now well underway, fans have already set their early season predictions in motion with some potentially seeing Red Bull driver, Max Verstappen, as an early contender to challenge Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton for the World Championship.

Why Red Bull can beat Mercedes to this year’s Constructors Championship.

With two electrifying races already ticket off the F1 calendar, plenty of teams have impressed in the early stages of the season.

UEFA announce new Champions League format with Super League similarities

Amid the furore over the proposed Super League, UEFA have announced a restructuring of the Champions League from 2024. The Premier League's 'big six' were almost universally condemned for devising a system that would see them qualify for the elite European competition regardless of league finishing position.

Five sporting events this summer

Every summer there is always something to look forward to. So here is a list of five sporting events that could help lift the mood for every sports fan. Hopefully, some of us might be able to attend some...

NFL Mock Draft 1.0: Predicting landing spots for top prospects

With the NFL draft just around the corner, we look at the top prospects and where they could land in our full first round mock NFL draft. The draft will commence on the 29th April in Cleveland, Ohio.

Darren Till provides training camp update

Ahead of his fight with Marvin Vettori on April 10th, Darren Till has given insight into his training camp preparations. Losing two of his last three fights, the Liverpudlian is working hard to get back to winning ways. “I feel like...