Monday, January 18, 2021
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Moneyball FC: The story of Liverpool’s unique Champions League opponents

Just 21 years ago there was no club named FC Midtjylland, now they prepare to face the Premier League champions in Europe’s top competition. Using data analysis and statistics their rise to success has been more unique than any other club.

Jack Crook addresses his time in NCAA, NBA Draft and the development of UK...

With years of experience playing abroad in countries such as America and Spain, as well as being a participant in the 2016 NBA Draft, Jack Crook spoke about his background playing abroad and the development of youth basketball participation...

Get Ready For The BSB Finale

The COVID clouded season has almost come to an end. Every other year PR Racing, along with the rest of the Bennetts British Superbike teams, would be gearing up for the second half of the season. However, today's free...
Tokyo Olympics 2020

Should the Olympics have been postponed? Your views

The International Olympics Committee (IOC) today announced the new dates for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games - to be held in 2021!

2020 Tokyo Olympics postponed until 2021

Both Olympics and Paralympics have been postponed until 2021 due to the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic. The virus has completely disrupted the world of sport among other events throughout the world. It was expected to happen as the 2020 Euros was postponed...
Mosconi Cup

The “Ryder Cup” of Pool – A brief history of the Mosconi Cup

I don't know many sports as universally enjoyed, when played, as pool. Played in pubs and sports halls up and down the country, whether you're a beginner, a novice or an expert, it's fun. But while it's largely agreed pool is...
Euro 2020 Ball

Euro 2020 postponed until 2020

Uefa have confirmed that Euro 2020 will be postponed by a year. This is to allow European Leagues more time to complete their domestic campaigns. Euro 2020 was set to begin on the 12th June, but the global pandemic means...

France vs Ireland in the Six Nations has been postponed

This Saturday's Six Nations fixture between France and Ireland has now been postponed due to concerns of a possible coronavirus outbreak. This decision is made following the cancellation of the Ireland v Italy and Italy v England matches, with the...

LFC fan Tyrrell Hatton wins Arnold Palmer Invitational

LFC fan was congratulated by Sir Kenny Dalglish after his victory at the Arnold Palmer Invitational last night.

Six Nations could go behind paywall

The Six Nations is one of Rugby's biggest competitions. The tournament has been on free to air television for the past two decades. However, all that might be about to change following a new rule that would eliminate joint bids. The...