The Lawn Tennis Association is launching free virtual coaching sessions for families throughout February and over school half term via Facebook live.

Mossley Hill coach, Mark Thomas, has openly encouraged the children at his club to take part in these sessions so they donโ€™t lose their love for tennis.

‘In terms of the children I coach, it is vital for them to stay involved in the sport. I would hate to see their drive to become great tennis players falter because they can’t get out and play.

‘These virtual sessions can hopefully act as a platform for players of all ages to continue with their clubs post Covid-19.’

While it is not possible to get on the court due to lockdown guidelines, the online sessions will take place every Saturday morning at 10am.

This is a great opportunity for people to rekindle their love for a sport that’s been off-limits because of the ongoing Coronavirus restrictions.

Thomas can see these sessions ‘kick-starting’ people’s involvement in tennis once again and ‘tennis clubs could see a spike in members’ when life returns to normal.

The sessions will be hosted by LTA coach of the year, Matt Smith, in the hope, this will increase the number of viewers and participants.

The first online session went live on the 6th of February and at its peak had 400 players and thousands left comments showing appreciation.


Thomas, believes the online sessions are ‘the best source of tennis content to stay fit and involved’.

‘It is great to see a focus on increasing opportunities for children to exercise. It is important for them to have fun and have something to look forward to every week.’

Smith, a Level 5 Master Club Coach, dedicates his time to traveling the world, delivering tennis sessions to primary schools through his charity ‘Mini Tennis World Tour’.

‘A nationally acclaimed coach giving up his free time for the benefit of children around the country is a real statement to others to do the same’, Mark stated when asked about Smith’s involvement.


The next session is on the 13th of February and it will be great to see how many more families will get involved.

To watch the first session and to find out more, visit LTAโ€™s website or Facebook page.