Jimmy Anderson says England cannot wait to play in the largest cricket stadium in the world this week.

England face India in the third Test of their series at the 110-thousand capacity venue in Ahmedabad from Wednesday.

The stadium will not be full due to Covid-19 – but the match will be played under lights, with a pink ball.

The Lancashire bowler has explained the situation adds to the spectacle.

“The pink ball test matches we have played have had a different atmosphere. A really special one.

“All the players remember the atmosphere; we are all looking forward to it immensely.

“Going into the third test at 1-1, the series is in the balance.”

The Sadar Patel Stadium

The biggest cricket stadium in the world will hold its first international match between India and England.

First opened in the 1980s, the stadium (below) has been renovated and now has a total capacity of 110,000.


COVID implications means not all 110,000 seats will be filled on Wednesday when the third test kicks off.

The facility, which includes 11 centre pitches, four dressing rooms and an in built gymnasium will be regarded as one of the best stadium facilities in the world.

Pink Ball

The third test will be different to the first two as the match is a day-night test – which means the pink ball will be used in place of the traditional red test match ball.

Anderson has claimed that England will not change their plans due to the change of ball in the third test.

“I don’t think we’ll bowl any differently to how we normally bowl with the red ball,” he said. “We will be assessing conditions as we do and bowl accordingly.

“If it is swinging around we will be more attacking, bowl a fuller length, have extra catchers in. If not, we will go a little bit more defensive.

“It’s all about assessing the conditions. We have got a couple of balls that are really old we have been practising with that are doing absolutely nothing and I think it’s important we do that because you still need the option of taking wickets when it’s not swinging around.

“We’re trying to cover all bases and know what we’re going to do if it doesn’t swing.

“If it does swing, yes, potentially we’ll bowl those slightly more attacking lines and lengths.”

Selection Frustration

Anderson missed England’s 317-run defeat to India in the second Test.

The England selection team opted to continue their resting policy that has served them well over the past few years.

This has meant the 38-year old has had extra practice in the nets with the pink ball.

The fast bowler admitted he has been left frustrated by the selection policy, after being so dominant in the first test win.

“The idea was if I missed that one, that would give me the best chance of being fit and firing for the pink-ball Test,” he said.

“So that’s where I am at, at the minute: I am feeling good and fresh and ready to go again if called upon.

“It’s hopefully going to keep me going for longer, and Stuart [Broad] has said the same too.

“I’ve seen the last couple of years – 2019, when I missed the Ashes, and the start of 2020, when I got an injury in South Africa – [that] when the workload goes up – and it’s the same for all bowlers not just me – those injuries do happen.”

Anderson will be hoping to guide his team to a third test victory in Ahmedabad as England look to take a 2-1 lead in the series.

Featured Image: Jimmy Anderson, Lancashire and England cricket – By NAPARAZZI – CC BY-SA 2.0