“You’re going to see me get my hand raised.”

That is what Tom Farrell had to say about his upcoming fight with Harlem Eubank on November 25. The Liverpool fighter will no doubt be the biggest test Eubank has faced to date, and he believes the gap in experience will be apparent.

“It goes without saying that I’ve had 26 fights now, he’s had 15, and I’ve been the distance a number of times,” said Farrell.

“He hasn’t had those big nights, those continuous 10 and 12 round fights and I’ve had plenty, I think that will show on the night.”

The super-lightweight bout will take place at the iconic York Hall, a relatively close to home affair for the Brighton-based Eubank, who is the nephew of former world champion and boxing legend Chris Eubank snr, and cousin of former IBO champion and middleweight contender Chris Eubank jnr.

‘Fazza’ believes that while Eubank may be coming into the fight with a lot of hype, he hasn’t yet had to answer any major questions in the ring.

He said: “I’ve been in good, tough hard battles. I’ve been in with 50/50 opposition where they’re coming to win and take my head off. He’s only had a few of them.

“All credit to him, he looks like a good fighter so there is going to be a bit of smoke blown up about him. But it’s maybe more because of his second name and this is a chance for me to take that limelight.”

Coming from such a famous family has brought plenty of attention to Harlem early in his career, something Farrell is aware of, although not in awe.

He said: “He’s a Eubank, but I’m not going to get caught up in all that and start worshipping the ground he walks on. He’s from a good fighting family and I respect what his uncle and his cousin have done in their careers, but it’s my turn to show what I’m about, never mind what Harlem Eubank can do.”

With his undefeated record and famous heritage, Eubank’s potential to add to his family’s legacy is the main talking point heading into this main event clash. Receiving far less attention than your counterpart who has so far achieved less than you in the sport could understandably be frustrating for Farrell, but the 32-year-old has a positive outlook.

“I’m getting looked at as the underdog, as a bit of a steppingstone, so I’m relishing the opportunity to prove people wrong,” said the former WBA international champion.

“There probably is a little bit less pressure on me, all the pressure is on Harlem Eubank.”

British title shot

The two domestic rivals were originally set to lock horns in July. However, after Farrell’s camp was disrupted by a cut before he tested positive for COVID-19, the Huyton fighter was forced to withdraw.

Now, Farrell is fully motivated for the rearranged contest and believes a win will put him in line for a British title shot.

“Winning puts me right back up the pecking order,” he said. “They’re talking up Harlem for the British title, but winner stays on. If I beat him, I’m right in the frame and there’s not really anyone ahead of me then.”

The fight comes a year after Farrell reached the final of the Boxxer series, where he narrowly lost a decision to Cori Gibbs after winning two fights earlier in the one night tournament.

Despite the frustration of coming so close to winning the competition outright, the proud Evertonian believes his good work that night laid the groundwork for this opportunity. He said: “I think I proven on the night that I still belong in them big fights, and maybe that’s why I’ve got this one.”

Farrell v Eubank tops a big night of boxing to be screened on Channel Five on November 25.