An inclusive boxing centre and fitness club for people with disabilities has moved to a new venue in Bootle.

Inclusive Hub prides itself on being a safe space and a platform for those with additional needs to be able to participate in fun-based exercise.

The new centre spans across three floors. There is space for a sensory room, an office, and an events room as well as the main gym area and boxing ring.

The club is hopeful that the change will bring long-term growth after moving from their original home in Kirkdale.

Business development manager Liam Starkey said: “It’s unbelievable for us. We’re going to utilise the building as best we can, it’s a massive building.

“We’re doing bespoke sessions and we’re actually helping families who have children with autism, to give them better coping mechanisms.”

The new facility comes with a 20-year lease which will allow the club to plan for the future.

“The longevity means we can rent out space to people, we can do more collaborations, and we can do more for ourselves”, said Liam.

“It gives us room to grow. We have well over 2000 registrations with us now – people who use our service.

“With this building we’ve got the potential to be sky-high. It’s a really exciting time for us.”

Inclusive Hub originally began in 2016 as a boxing centre to help small groups of Autistic children take part in non-contact boxing and fitness sessions.

As the club grew they began to cater to further needs and include a range of abilities.

Participants now include those with downs syndrome, ADHD, amputees, wheelchair users, and women involved in domestic violence.

The club can now be found at 39 Thornton Road, Bootle, L20 5AN. You can contact them here:

{Featured image by Daisy Ruddock}