A new Pentathlon and Athletics club has been launched in Merseyside in the hope of producing future champions for the city.

Warriors Pentathlon and Athletic Club was founded by Ronan and Sarah Kearney in October last year.

Furthermore, two time Wirral Coach of the Year, Sarah Kearney, has coached 37 athletes to international success over the last ten years.

Kearney, speaking to Mersey Sport Live, believes Merseyside has a lot of potential champions in the making.

“We have the talent. We feel in our local area that the kids we have got, they are brimming with talent. Its just about giving them the opportunities.”

It’s the first ever Pentathlon Club in Merseyside and offers young athletes with the chance of participating in different sports.

One parent who spoke to Mersey Sport Live at the UTS Gym at Hoylake believes the atmosphere that Sarah and Ronan have created for the children will drive the desire to participate.

“Sarah and Ronan have been amazing with all the children. It’s such a great place to come and for the children to get involved.”

Laser Gun, Pentathlon
Laser Gun, Pentathlon

Looking for future Warriors

The club is fast growing, with Warriors Pentathlon & Athletic Club aiming for over 100 members by Easter after achieving over 60% of memberships.

Kearney is looking to establish Warriors Pentathlon & Athletics Club as a hub for more competitors to get involved.

“It’s a sport dominated in the south of the country. We need to give kids the opportunity to get out there and do it in this area”.

The introduction of the club has come at a time where the sport is undergoing changes to it’s format.

Modern Pentathlons’ governing body UIPM switched horse riding for obstacle racing, in an attempt to make the event more inclusive.

Lucas Forrester, coach at the UTS training gym in Hoylake, credits the sport for introducing the obstacle course to allow more kids to get involved in the new look pentathlon.

“There’s going to be a lot of popularity for it. There’s going to be lots of kids and teenagers who will want to get involved.”

UTS Gym, Hoylake
UTS Gym, Hoylake

What do the parents think?

One parent whose child is involved in the club, praised Ronan and Sarah for the way they have made the club enjoyable for those taking part.

“They have created such a fun and engaging atmosphere for my son and the children. And it’s so affordable now with the obstacle course included rather than the horse riding.”

The children can take part in pentathlon and athletics for just £3 a month, with family packages costing £10.

As the cost of living crisis has impacted families more than ever, the accessibility of the club is hugely important to parents wanting their children to take part.

Speaking at The Oval Athletics Club, one parent spoke on their situation and how the cost of the club has led to their daughter joining in.

“I couldn’t believe how cheap the club was. As a single parent, I would have to weigh up my options if the club was a higher price. For £3 it’s amazing and so affordable. My daughter loves coming to the club and getting involved in the competitions.”

It’s a busy time for the club with several events coming up in March and April.

  • National Primary Schools Cross Country Championships
  • The English Fell Running Championship
  • National Laser Run Finals in Bath.

Young athletes looking to join the club can register here at www.runwirral.uk

(All images by Kieron Richardson, for Merseysportlive)