“We just want this over and done with.” The sentiments of one Everton fan that sums up the frustration of those concerned over the proposed takeover of the troubled club. Moral has hardly been boosted by recent events, on and off the pitch. 

After a tough start to the season Everton are languishing in 16th place, Toffees fans are beginning to worry about yet another relegation battle, even a repeat of the drama of last season’s final day survival. 

The takeover appears to be in a state of limbo as Miami based finance firm 777 come to terms with news from the Premier League that Everton may be hit by a 12-point deduction after potential FFP breaches totalling around £751 million. With a brand new stadium on the way there could be more financial worries on the way for the Toffees. 

Everton fan group member Keaton Williams shares many of his fellow fans concerns over the future of the club and wants the situation resolved as soon as possible, “It’s dragged on way too long. Stuff has happened with us off the pitch that’s stopped it from happening. 

With the recent passing away of the former Toffees’ chairman Bill Kenwright, the club is in mourning and for most fans the takeover frustration comes at a difficult and emotional time for the blue half of Merseyside. “I think (Bill) Kenwright dying will have slowed it down a bit but that’s normal cause we should be allowed to grieve.”  

The 777 group insist that the proposed takeover is still on track: “We have submitted all relevant documentation to the FCA in line with their requests, and indicative timings. As we have previously stated, the regulatory processes in relation to the proposed acquisition of Everton FC need to be allowed the proper time and space to run their course in private and so we will not be commenting further.” 

Despite 777 trying to provide clarification with their statement, Everton fans are still just as confused as before. “I’ll be honest, I don’t really understand that statement that they put out. It just sounds like they are wasting time or something, we still don’t know what’s going on with the stadium or with all the new stuff to do with FFP,” says long-time Toffees fan Williams. 

The new potential FFP breaches and which could mean a 12-point deduction just rubs salt in Everton fans wounds, who can only remain for matters on and off the Goodison Park pitch.