Everton have dropped into the relegation zone due to the points deduction

Toffee TV’s Barry Cass has said that Everton’s 10 point deduction is a “punishment that doesn’t fit the crime.”

Everton were plunged into the relegation zone when it was found they they had broken the Premier League’s Profit and Sustainability Rules, spending £19.5m more than what they were allowed to.

The ruling has brought aspects such as an independent regulator and the 115 charges that Manchester City face into question. However, Cass from Everton fan channel ToffeeTV believes that, although there is a sense of “injustice”, the club “should be punished” despite him initially thinking a points deduction would not materialise. 

Cass told Mersey Sport Live: “Everton should be punished as they’ve broken rules but the punishment has to suit the crime and I don’t believe that it does.” 

Referring to Manchester City, who are being investigated by the Premier League for suspected financial breaches, Cass said: “I guess Everton are the easiest to deal with as they have the lowest profile.

“The Premier League is lawless for the big six clubs, they get to pick and choose what happens and I don’t think that’s very good for competition anyway. These rules are almost weighted to protect the big six clubs now.

“I think an independent regulator, although it wouldn’t solve everything, it would be a step in the right direction. I don’t think those in charge of the Premier League can control the six.”

On the pitch, the Blues had seen an upturn in form before the international break, having won six of their last nine. Cass spoke about whether the deduction came at the right time, ahead of Manchester United’s visit to Goodiso Park on Sunday. 

“If you start the season on minus six points, you know where you’re at and you know what you’re up against.

“The manager (Sean Dyche) and the players will have to remember how good a form they’re in.” 

A reason for the rules being put into place was to stop clubs getting into administration and to prevent workers being made redundant for sporting matters. However, the clubs that do get into administration have nine points taken off their tally which is less than Everton’s 10. 

Cass said: “Everton have got more points deducted than if people were made redundant. 

“Going £19.5m over a threshold because you’re building a new stadium and creating £1.3bn pounds worth of money into an area that is massively underfunded and creating jobs.

“I’m not a lawyer but I could just sit there and make holes in their argument straight off the bat and ask ‘where is the fairness?”

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