City of Liverpool FC have hit back at Bootle saying they will ‘refuse to be bullied’, as their dispute over ground sharing continues.

The Purps were forced to play their most recent home game in Widnes, after they were expelled from the Berry Street Garage Stadium.

Bootle released a statement last week citing ‘a material breach of the ground-sharing agreement’ as the reason for the termination.

City of Liverpool have labelled this allegation as ‘ludicrous’ and have said that the ‘crocodile tears in their statement are abhorrent’.

They have cited an unpaid £65.42 in a ‘technically unclear clause’ as the reason their landlords have terminated their agreement and may seek legal action over the dispute.

City of Liverpool have until the March 31 to find another groundshare agreement to maintain their status in the National League System.

The Northern Premier League also released a statement offering to mediate between the two parties but said that their offer was turned down. They also admitted they have no power to resolve the issue as it is a dispute between landlord and tenant.

The two clubs have had a ground sharing agreement on two separate occasions, with Bootle providing the home for City of Liverpool upon their inception in 2015 until 2018. The second agreement was in place from March 2022, up until last week.

The fan owned club have received planning permission by Liverpool City Council for a ground to be built on a site in Fazakarley in 2018, but no progress has been made on stadium development.

A representative from Purps TV, stated the move was temporary and solutions for future home games will be explored.

He said: “We only moved to Widnes for one game due to an on-going dispute with present landlord Bootle. At this stage no one knows where future games will be played. Many people are working on it.”

The two clubs are due to clash in the league on the 1 April, with the Purps down as the designated home side. Where this game will take place remains to be seen, but it should be an intense affair regardless of location.

Both clubs were approached for comment on the story but did not respond by the time of publication.