Liverpool have condemned a banner branded “offensive” and “racist” depicting Divock Origi at their Champions League clash against Genk.

The club were forced to remove the banner from the stadium after they were made aware of its existence.

In a statement, the club said: “The banner is highly offensive and inappropriate. We condemn its use and we will look to identify those responsible for bringing it into the stadium.”

Liverpool acknowledged the racial stereotype that was depicted on the banner and that it would not be accepted in future.

Manchester United fans were similarly condemned in 2017 after the signing of Romelu Lukaku, creating a chant which hinted towards the same stereotype.

In addition to the club’s statement, Liverpool’s supporter group, ‘Spirit of Shankly’, have also taken the same stance.

“Spirit of Shankly oppose all forms of racism.”

“Football is a part of society and we have a responsibility in ensuring that people understand that there is no room for racism. Simply banning people is not the answer.”

UEFA are yet to take action as they are still awaiting results from several reports.

Photo by Eric The Fish, under Creative Commons license