It’s no secret Liverpool has a vast and rich history providing film locations for Hollywood blockbusters. Liverpudlians so often see their landmarks pop up on the big screen, from the Liver Building in Batman to St George’s Hall in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

There is one franchise yet to make it to the Northwest of England until now, and fans of the Skywalker story on Merseyside  will now get the chance to take part in a new venture akin to the Light Saber batttles seen in the films.

Ludosport Liverpool are now offering people the chance to wield their own futuristic weapon in Light Saber Combat. The striking-based sport sees competitors in a duel duelling with the aim of aiming hitting the other competitor’s body to gain a point. Players can adopt a full range of techniques which better suit their own style of fighting, and even choose between three different weapon types.

The main weapon of course is the long blade saber, your standard Obi Wan, Luke Skywalker style blade, which is the starting point for all newcomers to the sport. The biggest of the three options is the Staff Saber. A weapon you would see in the hands of Darth Maul, with two blades protruding from the centre hilt. It’s a sabre reserved for more the more advanced given the more complicated techniques required to perform effectively with a weapon of its size. Finally, the third option offered to competitors is the dagger sabre, two short blades to be duel-wielded during matches.

Despite the obvious links to Star Wars, it is regarded as a sport in its own right. It would be wrong to assume it only exists for movie fans to live out their dreams, if offers all ages and abilities the chance to get active in a fun and friendly environment.

Paul Willgoss is a former fencer who just recently began taking part and he has nothing but praise for the classes: “It’s absolutely brilliant fun. Lots of people think we just come and wave light sabers at each other, we don’t. There’s a really solid core belief that this is a sport. We all respect each other which is brilliant, and we all look after each other.”

The classes are held every Monday evening at Aigburth Community Church, for more information visit –

For a look at the classes in action, watch here –