Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp wants to strengthen their 2-0 advantage in the second leg Champions League tie against Inter Milan tomorrow.

A convincing performance from the Reds sees them firm favourites to reach the quarter finals, as Klopp looks to continue an assault on all four trophies. 

Liverpool have 12 consecutive wins in all competitions, and their Carabao Cup victory means confidence is high.

But Klopp recognises that the sides Liverpool face are not easy, and that Inter are in good form after their 5-0 win over Salernitana.

“Yes, against bottom of the table, but still really impressive. Martinez scored, Dzeko scored, Gosins is back,” said Klopp.

“That is a really experienced team, they do not come here as tourists.

“I know that they want to chase the game, and that’s what we want to do, because we are not a team who defends results, or that tries to get through somehow.”

Klopp recognises the challenges they face in all competitions.

“When we saw the draw (against Inter), I think we all thought that is the toughest one probably that we could get.

“For us, it is just normal.

“I can’t remember a kind of draw where I think, oh yes, I don’t don’t think these things usually, but even I am a human being and think okay, that is doable.

“But, we always get these kind of opponents in Champions League games, Premier League, FA Cup, as part of the competitions.

“It is not only City or not only Chelsea we play so many other teams as well.”

With key men Joel Matip, Roberto Firmino and Thiago all returning to full training today, Klopp has a wider selection to consider.

Columbian star Luis Diaz has provided strength in the front three, taking the pressure off the loss of Firmino.

Diaz has been given special praise for his performance in the cup final.

Klopp feels the league should take up the rule of five substitutions as he faces having to rotate to keep players fresh.

He said cramming in fixtures is only helpful to rhythm and form when it allows rest. 

“Only when you can make changes, if you cannot make changes, no,” he added.

“We play Sunday, then Wednesday, then Saturday, now Tuesday.

“That is actually a horrible schedule.

“So if we can make changes on decisive positions like the machine room, the midfield, we can do that and it is possible.

“It is essential at one point that we go again for the five subs in the Premier League.

“We have three competitions where we have five subs, and one where we don’t have that.

“I don’t understand why it takes so long to understand that – the cramming has to save the top class players as well.”

Liverpool welcome Inter to Anfield tomorrow (Tuesday March 8) 8pm kick off. 

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