One of Liverpool’s most influential fishermen, Aaron Temple, was back out on the lakes over the weekend, looking to add to his rich collection of fish caught in Merseyside waters.

The 43-year-old is the founder of the growing Facebook page X-Stream Fishing and has talked about his experiences of fishing growing up with his grandad and what he hopes to achieve with his business.

“I first started fishing when I was 8 years old, my grandad used to go fishing and because I had nothing to do, I went along with him. Locally there was no clubs or any youth centres so he decided to try take me fishing and get me involved in the local lakes, where there was a lot of fishing going on.”

Aaron’s Facebook page, which currently has just under 800 followers, posts content that includes images, videos and reports of fishing trips.

“I set up X-Stream fishing roughly around 7 years ago. I set it up because there was a lot of kids and local people needing advice and support with fishing, and because of what was required, I had to set up a type of business to try and help people and get their fishing a lot better and to get more people out and involved in fishing.”

The Liverpool lad also talked about the beautiful fishing spots across Merseyside, where he believes a few gems can be caught lurking in the waters.

“We’ve got a load of local lakes such as Sefton Park, which is a good spot but we also have commercial areas like Brooms Cross which is one of the most well-known fisheries in Merseyside. It is not like the parks where you can come down for free but you’ve got a chance of much larger carp because there is quite a few 30 pounds plus fish in there. However I have managed to catch a 30 pound fish in Sefton before.”

Another fishing enthusiast, Mike Williams, who reached this year’s national carp angling championship finals, joined Aaron in Sefton Park over the weekend and spoke about the fishing competitions that occur around the area.

“We’ve had a few competitions down at Sefton through Aarons X-stream fishing set up. I’ve fished two of the matches down here which was good fun and we got quite a few people down, so I reckon there will be quite a few more of them in the future.”

“I think local people organising things amongst themselves and that little competitive edge helps bring people together and give them something to do.”

A link to Aaron’s X-stream fishing page can be found down below.

[Image by Ryan Farrell}


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