It has been revealed Everton Chairman Bill Kenwright tried to save Bury FC from Football League extinction by offering the club £1 million from his personal money.

Kenwright told EFL boss Debbie Jevans about his plans to help the former League One side on August 23rd, but unfortunately the donation was stopped by Premier League rules that prevents a conflict of interest between clubs.

Clearly, the gesture from the 74-year-old was no more than a helpful offering.

Bury were expelled from the Football League on August 27th after being promoted to League One the year before, after finishing second behind Lincoln City in the 2018/19 season of League Two.

The ramifications or future for Bury FC is yet to be known, despite the club insisting they’re not dead and will be back to playing football.

The bid to have them reinstated back in League Two next season was rejected by the 71 clubs who are a part of the EFL.

(Picture by Gerald England under Creative Commons License)