RWA held its monthly event in Runcorn on 26th October.

All Hallows Brawl saw eight matches on the card with four title bouts.

The night kicked off with suspended referee Des Robinson interrupting the show. Robinson had been suspended for some suspicious refereeing decisions.

Robinson was furious about the decision to have him enter the Rumble in Runcorn at number one.

The referee was adamant on stopping the show from going on until Brian Aidenson put an end to that idea.

Aidenson would chase Robinson out of the ring with Lance Revera making the save.

The first match of the night was a tag-team match between Rampayne [Geno Ramsey and KC Payne] and Syndicate Evolved [Disciple and Cyrus Blackwell]. Payne would impress during the fight with an excellent handspring double elbow.

Syndicate Evolved would go on to pick up the victory with a back suplex/neckbreaker combo.

A shocking turn of events would happen after the bout though, with Ramsey turning heel and acting his tag partner. The lockerroom rushed down to the ring to stop the rampaging Ramsey.

Next match, Tommy Murphy faced off against the debuting Tommy Jackson.

Murphy picked up the win with a devastating DDT.

Abaddon of The Rejected marched down to the ring after the fight and would offer a Guy Fawkes mask to Jackson, a Fawkes mask being their symbol.

Jackson accepted and joined The Rejected.

The first title match of the night saw Kimmy Goldwing go up against the champion Harley Hudson in a No Disqualifications match.

These two women disdain for each other showed as fighting would sprawl over into the crowd.

Goldwing would get the three-count from a lethal swinging bomb onto a steel chair.

Jordan Jones sprinted out to celebrate with his partner.

Abaddon appeared for the second time of the event when he had his match against Gloriam Mor. The new member of The Rejected Tommy Jackson accompanied him to the ring.

The match would end with Abaddon rolling up Mor for the victory.

Second title match of the event. Next Level Championship. A triple threat match. Lynch vs. Aidenson vs. Jones.

Easily the match of the night! Jordan Jones displayed great heel work as he rolled out of the ring immediately after the starting bell rang.

The champion K Lynch was first eliminated by Jones, meaning that there was going to be a new champion after the match.

Jones would complete a clean sweep when he hit Aidenson with a flat liner and became the new Next Level Champion.

A new power couple of RWA had emerged. Kimmy Goldwing comes out to celebrate Jones’ victory.

Kimmy Goldwing celebrating with Jordan Jones after they both became champions.

RWA Tag Team Championships were on the line for the next fight.

The Arcade [Crash and Glitch] facing the champions FRONTLine [Jack Sinclair and Lance Revera].

The first champions to retain of the night when Glitch hit a low blow in the view of the referee, leading in a disqualification.

EJ Walsh went up against Finiko with the latter picking up the win with a float over DDT.

Onto the main event. RWA Heavyweight Championship.

Harry McKenny of Syndicate Evolved going one-on-one with Rabid Reilly.

An action-packed match which would see interruptions, high-flying moves, and a new champion!

It all looked over after a top rope dive from Reilly until McKenny’s stable partners and FRONTLine came out to stop the referee from making a three-count.

McKenny would capitalise and hit Reilly with an impaler DDT from the top rope to get the victory and become the new RWA Heavyweight Champion.

Harry McKenny celebrating with his Syndicate Evolved partners, Disciple and Cyrus Blackwell.

MerseySportLive had the chance to catch up with the new champions, Jordan Jones and Kimmy Goldwing.

When asking Jones how he was feeling about his title win, he said:

“It feels correct. It feels like a long time coming.”

Kimmy had the same thoughts as she said:

“A long time I’ve been screwed out of this title and it’s about time that I won what was rightfully mine.”

With Rumble in Runcorn coming next month, we asked both wrestlers if we might see them in the Rumble match.

Jordan Jones replied:

“I may or may not show up, that’s not for you to know, that’s not for anyone else to know.

“Whether or not I’m there, I guess you are going to have to pay for a ticket and come see.”

Kimmy explained that she might be busy on that night:

“I’d love to be in the Rumble match but we’ll see what happens.

“There are two very strong women in RWA at the minute that are after me.”

Rumble in Runcorn will take place on Saturday 23rd November.