GoodGym Liverpool is living up to its name in combining fitness and friendly community help since its launch in March this year.

The organisation has worked with a lot of different organisations over the past nine months, including Liverpool youth clubs and a bombed out church!

Members typically spend around 30-45 minutes doing tasks which involve exercising while doing good deeds.

The aim is to motivate one another to do any type of exercise, or sporting activity, whilst helping out the community.

Anything from digging someone’s garden, to litter picking, to painting a wall.

They also do co mission runs, where some of the runners have gone out on the weekend to visit elderly people, and people who are sick.

Char, a running enthusiast who helps organise the group, says she had heard about GoodGym before.

But when she heard it was launching in Liverpool, she really wanted to get involved.

She has spent most of her career in the community and the voluntary sector, luckily for her this project combines the two.

It was an opportunity for her to do something different for the community, while getting fit.

Char best describes GoodGym Liverpool as a “running club with a difference.”

In our interview with Char, she tells us what a typical Monday evening looks like for the GoodGym Liverpool team.

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If you would like to run with Char and the GoodGym team, evening runs are situated at the Hope Street Hotel from 6pm every Monday.

If you would like to find out more on the work which GoodGym are doing, visit their website on