One of Liverpool’s greatest ever boxers. Tony ‘Bomber’ Bellew was the fighting pride of Liverpool before his retirement last year.

We take a look at what we believe are his best five performances in the professional ring:

  5. Mateusz Masternak

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Probably not one of the names you were expecting to see on this list. Bellew faced Masternak for the European Cruiserweight title in December 2015.

Despite it not being an explosive ‘Bomber’ performance, he ‘boxed clever’ and got the nod on the judges’ scorecards. Bellew showed he was not just a massive puncher, but that he has genuine boxing ability.

This was the first time the Liverpool man won a European title.

  4. David Haye

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David Haye had been talking all throughout the build-up of this fight, saying how easy it was going to be for him. There seemed to be a lot of bad blood between the pair, with both getting under each other’s skin.

When it came to fight night, Haye started the better before suffering an Achilles injury in the sixth round.

Bellew was boxing a smart fight and began to wear Haye down round by round. In round 11, Haye’s trainer, Shane McGuigan, threw the towel in as Haye could no longer continue.

Not a vintage Bellew performance, but the magnitude of the win and the fact he was a massive underdog, places this performance in our top five.

  3. BJ Flores

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This was Bellew’s one and only defence of his WBC World Cruiserweight title. Flores was fighting under the name of David Haye, who Bellew obviously went on to have two fights with after.

Bellew was explosive on the night, absolutely obliterating Flores in the third round. Haye was ringside, and was shocked at how easily Bellew dealt with the American.

This ended up being Bellew’s final fight in Liverpool, and what a performance to end it on.

  2. Ilungu Makabu

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In at number two, is Bellew’s crowning night when he became world champion.

Bellew faced Makabu, an awkward southpaw, who was an unknown quantity. The Kananga born fighter was one of the most avoided names in the cruiserweight division, but Bellew knew he had the beating of him.

Walking out in front of his home fans, in his beloved Goodison Park, it was the dream night for Tony Bellew.

After a flash knockdown in the opening round, Bellew regained his composure. In the third round, Bellew landed a left hook and right uppercut, which rocked Makabu to his boots.

The scouser then smelt victory, and landed a barrage of big shots which rendered Makabu unconscious.

It was the dream night for Bellew, winning a world title at the third time of asking in front of his hometown fans.

    1. David Haye II
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      Arguably Bellew’s most clinical performance of his career.

      Many people thought that the only reason Bellew won the first fight was because of Haye suffering an injury. But Bellew knew he just had Haye’s number.

      Bellew was far more measured and composed this time round against Haye. He bided his time before landed a barrage of successive shots in the fifth round, which saw Haye wilt to the canvas.

      After getting up, Haye was on the floor again just moments later as Bellew knocked him down for the second time in the fight.

      Haye again rose to his feet, but Bellew landed successive shots without reply, prompting Howard Foster to step in and stop the fight.

      A clinical performance from Bellew, arguably his best, deservedly in at number one.

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