Merseyside Nighthawk Dominic Woo has been called up for trials with the Great Britain Student Squad as they prepare for the World Championships.

Woo, who plays slot receiver for the Nighthawks, impressed the GB coaches after an incredible first season for LJMU Fury. The Liverpool resident made a move from receiver to Quarter Back for Fury and led the team to one of the best seasons in the clubs history. Along the way he scored several touchdowns and racked up incredible yards as one of the most mobile QB’s in Britball. His flair meant that his scrambling inside the pocket could lead to big yards and it proved crucial in so many games. The 24-year-old also has a strong arm and good receiver company to add to his rushing.

Woo scoring a crucial touchdown in a one-point victory over the Sheffield Hallam Warriors

Having been called up once before in his nine-year career, he believes he is finally ready to compete. He said: “This is the first time I feel like I’m at a good level to be able to compete there and hopefully I can make an impact.”

Since starting at 15-years-old, with the Nighthawks Youth team, his game has come a long way. The slot receiver said: “Over the years as I’ve got more experienced my games progressed, I’ve worked a lot harder as I’ve grown up, the older I’ve got the more switched on I’ve got.”

Having trained with Bristol Academy, one of the top programmes in Europe, and playing with Premiership side Nighthawks its no wonder he has caught GB’s attention. He said: “I’ve been really lucky to have super experienced guys around me, the likes of Harry Routledge he has been a great mentor for me, someone I look up to a big deal. He’s always there to point out the smallest faults in your game and having someone like that to help your game to every little detail really helps and I’m a player who tries to take all that on board and improve.”

American Football is one of the most physically demanding sports in the world and to play at the top level your body must be in top condition. Speaking on how he stays in shape Woo said: “I’ve been lucky to work with the nutritionists from Fury so they’ve been making sure my body is meeting the demands and in my day to day life and going into games. When they explain it, it’s actually really simple and you just have to put a bit of work into it, but you definitely do need it.”

When talking about proving himself on the field Woo said: “I just really try and focus myself, every time I go out there I want to be the best that I can be. A lot of it is about luck, getting the opportunity to just go out and demonstrate what you can do and just have to take those opportunities when they come.”

Woo will be joined by fellow LJMU Fury players, Jordan Pratt and Matt Spoors who have enjoyed stellar careers over their years in Uniball. The trials were set to take place tomorrow but have been suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Picture by: John Maher.