Vinnie O’Connor has seen it all in his career at Sky Sports. The reporter has been at the organisation for more than a decade.

He has had so many different experiences from watching Liverpool fans setting alight a Fernando Torres shirt on deadline day to getting the hairdryer treatment from Sir Alex for asking one too many questions.

The North West reporter for Sky Sports, has had a long career in the media and admits a lot has changed since he started his career.

Fight against racism at Sky

In a recent interview O’Connor highlighted how Sky are committed to ensure there is equality across all aspects of their brand.

He explained: “There has been a big push from Sky to push equality for all.”

He added: “Sky are looking to commit to battle injustice such as racism and encouraging diversity amongst the media.”

Vinnie O’Connor highlighted how things are moving in the right direction from how it was in the past. He admits that when he started his career there was a clear lack of opportunities for certain groups.

O’Connor said: “When I began my career, I walked into the news room and it would be a group of white men but things are starting to change for the better. I think Sky are making a conscious effort to make things fair.”

As well as Sky’s efforts against racism, there has also been a push to battle other issues involving equality within sport media.

More opportunity for all! – Vinnie O’Connor

Sky have also pledged to gain more exposure for women in sport and roles for women in the media. Schemes such as This Girl Can and Rise With Us are key to inspiring change within sport and the media.

Sky Sports is rumoured be the home of the FA Women’s Super League from next season. The fact that Sky are investing in this means that coverage of women’s football will be on the rise.

O’Connor made it clear that more coverage is key to breaking down any barriers women face with equality.

He said: “Coverage is key, that will offer more opportunities for women in sport and more opportunities for women covering sport.”

O’Connor said decisions are also being made in ensuring that Paralympic sport will get the exposure it deserves.

“The impact the Paralympics has on the nation is amazing, so it makes perfect sense to show it more. There is a drive from Sky to push more and more content forward.”

All this news is a positive step forward for equality in sport.