Tom Brady secures himself as the Greatest Of All Time as he wins his 7th Super Bowl ring against Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs last night.

Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers finished Super Bowl 55 with a comfortable 31-9 victory as the Kansas City Chiefs fail to win back-to-back super bowls.

Aged 43, Brady is the oldest player to play in the biggest game in US history. Last night he walked into his 10thsuper bowl performance with this being his first super bowl with another team, matching Payton manning’s record.

Alongside this the Buccaneers head coach, Bruce Arians, is the oldest head coach in super bowl history to win a super bowl at aged 68.

The Weeknd also made an appearance with the infamous Super Bowl Half time show with fans all over the world shing their love for the performance.

Many fans and NFL experts had Mahomes and the Chiefs to walk away with a win but a lack of experience and an O-line that didn’t perform meant Brady and his deep threats seized the opportunity.

In the first half poor time management from Kansas City meant the Bucs were leading 21-6 with Brady throwing for three touchdowns, two to Rob Gronkowski and one to Antonio Brown.

Kansas City failed to score against the relentless Tampa defence as they only managed to complete three field goals on the day.

The Chiefs also lost their heads while giving away 11 penalties ranging from holding to pass interference to give Tampa Bay even more leverage to rally a win

A 27-yard third quarter rushing touchdown from Leonard Fournette and a finishing field goal from Tampa meant late in the third quarter that the Buccaneers have won super bowl 55.

Even with the numerous penalties, Kansas was not able to contain Tampa’s pass rush with Mahomes getting sacked twice and scrambling to make plays towards to end of the second half.

Mahomes throwing two interceptions in critical drives meant they gave the ball away in key scoring opportunities.

Although it was amazing seeing what Patrick Mahomes can do under pressure it was tough to watch him get chased around by the persistent Bucs defence.

Brady now has more super bowl wins than any other NFL franchise in history, beating the Pittsburgh Steelers’ at 6 wins.

There was a lot of speculation weather Brady would call it a day after this game, but the win seems to have spurred him on more saying “There is more to come” in a post-game interview.

There will always be an argument over who is the GOAT (greatest of all time) but with Brady winning his seventh since he was drafted 199th overall, he has certainly made it clear that he is not going anywhere anytime soon.