Liverpool UFC fighter, Paul Kelly announced last Thursday his time in the cage has come to an end.

The 36 year old made a statement on instagram suggesting the passion and drive he once had is no longer the same he feels is needed to compete in the UFC.

“I had my time! and I would never change my path. MMA give me a life I would never have dreamed of , Met people I would never have met. No drug can compare to the feeling of getting your hand raised after walking out for a straighter with 20k watching.”

Kelly holds a positive pro record of 5-3 fighting in the UFC. One of the more memorable moments in his career was the job to be the first man to fight Donald Cerrone after he was brought over from the World Extreme Cage fighting.

Kelly made his comeback fight in March 2020 after he served a seven year prison sentence for drug trafficking. The fight saw Kelly beat Simone Bottino, stopping him in the second round.

The Liverpool fighter has also mentioned that with the corona virus pandemic happening , he cant afford another long break from the sport at this stage in his UFC career.

“At some point we have to let go, I was full committed to trying one more time with the gaffer @teamkaobon to win a British title. Covid has taken another year so am calling it a day.

Starting his UFC career in 2005, Kelly has fought in the Lightweight, Welterweight and Middleweight division.

After a great career in the UFC, although he’ll miss fighting, the Liverpudlian has decided his fighting career is one that has now come to an end. 

“My life is on a different path now, one that means I can’t commit my life to fighting anymore like my opponent will be.

Winning is winning and for me now winning is making sure my family have bright future and to play catch up for the last 6 1/2 years spent away. I’ll miss fighting.”