Liverpool-based Charity Maverick Stars Trust and world title challenger Jazza Dickens are teaming up to help young people growing up with addiction in their family.

The Maverick Stars Trust are a charity dedicated to giving opportunities to local people to shine through sport, particularly boxing. The charity helps to fund boxing clubs and individuals to help them develop within amateur and professional boxing.

The Maverick Stars dedicate themselves to club development and community enhancement. For instance, the trust has set up various projects including Maverick Veterans, Holiday Hunger Fit and Fed and Sting Like a Bee.

The founder Charlotte Gilley, trained at a boxing gym to help her overcome anxiety and depression. As a result she was inspired to help develop boxing clubs around the country.

Jazza in the CommUNITY

Jazza Dickens has teamed up with the charity to give back to the community through his ‘Jazza in the CommUNITY’ initiative. The aim is to help rebuild families and help young people who are exposed to addiction in their family.

Dickens will be working alongside his father, Colin Dobie, who has suffered addiction in the past.

In a video posted on Twitter, Dickens opens up on how he has experienced the impact addiction has on families.

He said: “Through seeing years of substance abuse, I’ve suffered the effects it has on families…we want to bring families together and support families of addiction and bridge the gap between love and resentment”

He added: “If we can work as a team through boxing, while working with my dad and showing love, we can show people how me and my dad have built our relationship back together”

Derry Mathews Boxing Academy

Fellow Liverpudlian Derry Mathews will be helping Dickens with the project. The project will operate out of Mathew’s gym in Liverpool.

Derry Mathews won a junior Olympic gold medal and senior ABA title as an amateur. He then went on to have 52 fights and win ten different titles as a professional.

Mathews believes that Dickens’ project will be massively beneficial to the community and local families with addiction.

In the video on Twitter, he said: “What Jazza has put forward has been superb, it can give people the opportunity to get their life back and bring families back together”

With a world title fight with Kid Galahad scheduled in the near future, many will hope that Dickens can leave his mark on the world of boxing while having a positive impact in the community through his ‘Jazza in the CommUNITY’ initiative.

The project will be based at the Derry Mathews Boxing Academy, Addison Way, Liverpool, L3 2EW.


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