The Liverpool John Moores University Mixed Martial Arts society have been organising online fitness sessions in partnership with TechnoGym.

LJMU MMA society, Team LJMU and TechnoGym announcing new mobile app

The online sessions aim to help keep students and staff active and healthy while trying to battle mental health issues that arise because of lockdown complications.

LJMU and TechnoGym have partnered up to help provide free online coaching session alongside a mobile app to try keep students and staff active.

The partnership is linked with the new LJMU Copperas Hill student life and sports building complex as TechnoGym are supplying state of the art gym equipment.

Jake Poole, the captain of the society, thinks the new platform to get people active is brilliant for all LJMU affiliates.

“It is a really good idea! It is getting people active in lockdown and it’s great for students because it’s all free and it is very simple to set up.”

The idea to set up their own online fitness sessions came about after a couple of society members attended a student union session but felt there was something missing.

LJMU MMA society announcing second session per week

The society initially started off with Saturday only sessions with roughly 10-15 people attending. Just weeks later they have added an additional mid-week session with even more participants coming and joining in.

A student and member of the society, Zoe Marcar, said she was thrilled with the new sessions and how it made her more active.

“I’ve really enjoyed it! I have only been to a few however they are really good and it’s the most exercise I have had this entire lockdown so I’m glad made me want to do something”

“I am enjoying trying to get out steps in for the student union and it really makes you want to go out on more walks and jogs to stay active.”

Fitness session leader and LJMU student, Kieran Edwards, believes that staying active is key to maintaining people’s mental health in these trying times.

“I strongly believe that physical activity is very helpful towards your mental health. Keeping a routine and exercising throughout the week is a medicine for some people”

“The sessions we hold on a Wednesday and Saturday encourage more people to stay active and everyone that attended has said they felt a lot better in themselves and they feel like they are doing something with their time.”

Kieran is also very keen on spreading the word about the online sessions and makes it clear that it is ‘open to everyone’.

“I hope what we are doing encourages other societies to get involved with something like this but the sessions themselves are open to all people, it’s not just LJMU students and staff.”

“I have had messages from friends that have seen the sessions on social media and asked to get involved, it’s really that simple.”