Merseyside based Mossley Hill Tennis Club has welcomed the government’s announcement of the return of grassroots sport on March 29.

The easing of restrictions coincides with the first day of the Easter holidays, allowing children to attend sports camps such as the one being run at Mossley Hill.

The camp will be run by head coach Lydia Mountford and Mark Thomas, who believes “it will be great to dive right back in and give the kids a chance to shake the cobwebs off and play lots of tennis”.

The camp runs five days a week, 9-3, for two weeks. ‘There will be a particular focus on the younger ones socialising and developing their skills.’

After losing considerable training time since March 2020, there is hope that the camp will unlock some of the children’s potential that they missed out on over winter.  

Mountford and Thomas have ’18 years of experience’ between them. They usually split the children ‘based on age group to do skill-based activities and join back together to do fun games as a whole group.’

Mark conceded the camp always receives praise and their ‘numbers continue to grow which is always a good sign.’ Click on the image below to visit Mossley Hill’s Instagram Page:


Mossley Hill Tennis
Mossley Hill Tennis

‘After 12 months of restricted tennis, it will be greatly beneficial for us coaches and the children to get back on the courts.’

The camps have consistently been a big success this Easter could see the biggest turn out yet due to the reduced opportunities to play tennis.

Thomas, an LTA Level 2 coach, recognizes the importance of encouraging children to take part in physical activity once again and ‘stimulating their minds’, after the majority of the year for school children has consisted of ‘school zoom calls and PlayStation.’

England will begin the first of the four-step road map to ease lockdown restrictions today, (8th March) starting with the return of schools on 8 March.

Mark hinted that it’s ‘time to get children back to socialising with others, learning and developing their interpersonal skills.’


Despite brief periods ‘during summer and parts of winter where we got to have social tennis’, the negative side effects of no sport for that many months ‘impacted a lot of people which is why the announcement is a ‘huge positive for everyone.’

To find out more about the return of tennis in your area, use the Twitter link or access the Lawn Tennis Association website here: