Angling is a method of fishing, with the fishhook resembling the ‘angle’. For a sport that is often forgotten about, Joe Farrell emphasises its importance and the rewards which can be gained from it. 

With over 50 years of fishing experience, there is no better person to discuss the sport and its attributes. Farrell is a well-known Angler in Merseyside, competing nationally as member of the Liverpool Angling society as well as captaining the Northwest side, Adlington. 

After always having an interest in the outdoors along with being a ‘wildlife enthusiast’, there are several factors which made Farrell really appreciate angling. Farrell said, ‘The respect and the knowledge that anglers have as well as the social interaction within the sport is amazing. 

In addition to competing, Joe is also an ambassador for junior angling, as well as actively working in children’s services, encouraging young people participate in Angling. He said, ‘the participation within the sport is key, which I why I really try and encourage young people to take up such a rewarding sport. 

The lack of knowledge is something that Joe has really encouraged people to do. He reiterates, ‘go and visit a fishery and have a look on what it’s about, and hopefully you will understand the success rate of not just catching fish themselves but actually being out in that environment. 

Of course, for many a sport like angling pushes people far out of their comfort zones. However, Joe echo’s the fact that seeking for help is needed. ‘In angling, the best thing you can ever do is ask for support because you won’t always learn it all on your own. 

Fishing at least twice a week for most of the year, Farrell spotlights the fact of how lucky he has been to have found Angling. With all its rewards, knowledge and enjoyment, angling is definitely a sport to be considered for someone wanting to take up a new sport.