Up to five Liverpool and Everton players could be exempt from old quarantine rules under new government advice if they are vaccinated.

On Friday the new rules were unveiled to clubs to a mixed response.

Brazilian internationals Fabinho, Alisson and Roberto Firmino for Liverpool and Richarlison and Yerry Mina for Everton all play for red-listed countries.

Under the latest guidance, players who have received both of their Covid-19 vaccinations will be allowed to spend their 10 days quarantining in special facilities of their own choosing.

They will also be allowed to leave these facilities once a day for training, but will remain fully segregated from the public for 10 days.

Providing the players meet the requirements set, they will all be able to take advantage of the new rules.

A government spokesperson told the BBC: “We have worked closely with football authorities to achieve an outcome that balances the interests of both club and country while maintaining the highest levels of public health and safety.”

It was clear during September international break rules needed updating after the cancellation of Brazil vs Argentina due to quarantine concerns.

Premier League players were disproportionally impacted with teams like Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City losing key players for nearly two weeks.

Other European leagues refused to send their players away on international duty, including French league, Ligue 1 who refused to send their players to red-listed countries.

Jurgen Klopp, who was nearly without key men Fabinho, Alisson Becker and Roberto Firmino in September, said: “We take care of our players and to keep them away from their families for two weeks and make them sit in a hotel room makes no sense.”

The Liverpool boss was concerned that the new rules were not appropriate.

“I don’t think it’s properly thought through they can’t have all the information yet.”

Under these new rules players could be unavailable to play for up to three weeks.

Klopp added: “They have 22 days away and the next international break is in two weeks.”

With the next break in club play coming in early November, it could see international players missing multiple fixtures in the league.

This could result in teams who have more international players being unable to field their strongest line-up.

For teams like Liverpool who currently sit 2nd in the league this could impact them greatly in their search for another Premier League title.