American golf star Phil Mickelson says most of the World’s top 100 players – including Southport’s Tommy Fleetwood – have been approached to participate in a Saudi-backed Super League. 

Fleetwood is currently 46 in the world and could well be one of the players who has been approached.

He will be hoping to improve his form in 2022 after an underwhelming 2021

But the proposed Saudi Super League could shake up his ambitions going forward.

It would dramatically change the golfing landscape with participants competing in a 10-tournament International series which is being fronted by former world number one Greg Norman’s Liv Golf Investments.

So far most players are refusing to comment on the proposed league, but Mickelson has stated the majority of the world’s top 100 have been approached.

One English player thought to have been approached is Lee Westwood. He responded by saying he’s signed a non-disclosure agreement.

It suggests he has been approached and rumours are rife surrounding fellow England player Ian Poulter, who has reportedly been offered £22m to join the proposed league.

The few players who have commented have spoken glowingly about the proposal.

US star Dustin Johnson said: “I think it’s a really good concept.

“I think it makes it a little more interesting for the fans and for the players.”

The news comes on the back of confirmation from Netflix of a new documentary, similar to Formula One’s Drive to Survive, where the world’s best golfers will be followed around as they go on tour and compete in the major competitions.

The links to Formula One don’t end there.

The proposed league will comprise of a limited field, will see team and individual elements, and competitors will travel the world to compete in the 10-round tournament.

It is still to be seen if Fleetwood and other players on the tour will agree to join the proposed league but the money being offered alongside an exciting concept could be hard to turn down.

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