Jürgen Klopp said he was in favour of the Champions League away goals rule, but insists scrapping it does not impact Liverpool’s goal of beating Inter Milan at the San Siro.

The rule change was announced by UEFA before this year’s competition got underway last summer, but it has only come into force as the first knockout ties are being played this week.

Liverpool are no strangers to an exciting European tie in which the rule has come into play either.

They had a famous last 16 win at Camp Nou against Barcelona in 2007 and Bob Paisley’s side edged to victory over Bayern in the semi-finals in the 1980s spring to mind as times the rule has benefited the Reds.

While Klopp’s side won’t have that method of victory to fall back on this season, the German doesn’t think it should have to great of an impact on his players.

“We can say more [about the scrapping of the away goals rule] after the two games,” Klopp said, “but I can’t remember a game where we went somewhere and thought at least a goal would be great – we go there to get a result.

“I liked the rule, always even as a supporter before [management].

“Long in my life I watched the Champions League, it was always a part of it and I liked the rule.

“I don’t know know why exactly why they scrapped it but now that it’s gone it’s okay.

“It’s not a massive impact on the way we play. We go there to play our best football and to win.”

With little more than 24 hours before the match, Klopp also provided insight into how much of a challenge that would be for his side compared to their weekend outing in the Premier League.

“There will be some differences between Burnley and Inter, I imagine. The message slightly, but it’s still a football game.

“I’m pretty sure it will not be as windy or rainy as it was at Burnley so that’s a big difference as well.

“Apart from that Inter is an absolute top, top, top class team.

“Top class players, top class manager – with all respect to other teams like last year, probably this year they are the best team again in Italy.

“Second in the table at the moment but they look rock solid. Creativity on the pitch, very well organised, very well drilled with everything they do, and their quality is big – that [sums up] the Champions League!

“This will be game 51 for me here in the Champions League, so we’ve gained some experience in that time and that’s what we want to use.

“We face an incredibly strong team with a specific style.

“A good football playing side, but defensively very organised, so we need to show a top class performance to even have a chance.”

One key battle in the first leg will be in the midfield, and even with Nicolò Barella, who Klopp was full of praise for, suspended for both matches, Liverpool’s manager still feels it won’t provide much of a leg-up.

“Barella not being able to play is good for us.

“I like him a lot, he has all the things you want from a midfield player – aggressive, technical, he can run for ages – top class.

“Still, his replacement will probably be Arturo Vidal, maybe, and that’s experience at its best at a top level,” he said.

“In these games he will be motivated so I’m not sure it’s an advantage for us.

“But it’s not about that, in these situations I like to say its not about who’s playing but about how you play – it counts for us and it counts for other teams as well. It’s about what kind of mood can you create and what kind of football you can show.”