City of Liverpool FC are raising money to help locals pay their energy bills with costs set to rise.

A record increase in global gas prices prompted OFGEM to raise the energy price cap by 54% from April 1.

This could add as much as £700 on energy bills for the average UK household.

In response, City of Liverpool FC have launched a GoFundMe page with the aim of assisting those in the community hardest hit by the “exorbitant increase in energy costs”.

Chairman Paul Manning said that growing bills will hit communities “incredibly hard… the cost of living crisis is very real and will hit the most economically challenged”.

He added: “We hope to raise enough money so that all our beneficiaries can pay their winter fuel bill off in full and retain enough of their normal weekly budget to be able to eat.

“That is the stark choice facing many people unfortunately, have heating or eat, it’s a disgrace.”

Mr Manning added that donations will be distributed to the club’s “existing network of elderly people, families and organisations that we already support.

“Club members and supporters will also nominate candidates, so we can ensure that all of the money goes directly to where it is most needed.

“Not a single penny will be used for staff or admin costs, it will all go into people’s hands.

“We are essentially a community outreach programme that uses football as the vehicle to deliver.

“We don’t do it for social media likes or to get a grant off the local council, we do it because we want to do it and it needs to be done.”

The government have announced a £200 up front discount to around 28 million households through The Energy Bills Rebate.

Households in council tax bands A-D will also receive a £150 Council Tax rebate.

However, households will have to repay The Energy Bills Rebate in £40 instalments from 2023.

City of Liverpool FC claimed they were “bemused by the government stance of providing loans to the public”.

Those wishing to donate can find the GoFundMe page here or through City of Liverpool FC’s Twitter page.

(Featured image credit to Peter Glaser baraida under creative commons license 1.0)