Everton have scored just 28 goals in 26 games, which makes this season their lowest for overall goals scored since 2011/12.

On this date, a decade ago, the Toffees had scored 28 and conceded 31 after 28 games.

A total of 47 goals have been netted against the side, making this their worse statistic since conceding 50 goals in 31 games back in the 2017/18 season.

Everton goals scored and conceded over last 10 years
The number of games played across this period varies from 26 to 31

Everton face Newcastle United tonight and are desperate for points after dropping to 17th in the league table.

The side have only picked up three points in six league games under Frank Lampard, with fans anxious for quick improvement.

What do the stats say?

Everton’s league position is broadly explained by their lowest overall wins and most overall losses for the last 10 seasons.

Despite this, the team have only played 26 games due to postponements as a result of Covid-19.

At this point in the season the average number of games played over the last 10 years has been 29.

This leaves room for points to be gained and statistics to be improved, although defensive and attacking numbers are worrying.

Everton have failed to score in 35% of matches, which has not been seen going back as far as the 2011/12 season.

Just seven years ago the Blues had failed to score in 34% of matches but still racked up 36 goals in 29 games.

Some of these goals may be attributed to a lack of threat in the first half.

Only in 12% of games have Everton scored more goals than their opponent in the first half. This is nearly a third of their number of matches from last season.

Despite this, the Toffees have out-scored their opponents in the second half within 38% of games.

This is a statistic which is their best since the 2016/17 season.

Everton statistics graph over last 10 seasons
The number of games played across this period varies from 26 to 31

Fans will be hoping for a more comfortable finish to the season and are a distance away from European challenge.

The last time the Blues finished in the top seven teams was the 2016/17 season.

Back then Everton had scored 47 goals and only conceded 29 in 28 games at this point in the season.

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