Jeff Goulding is an author, sports writer and healthcare lecturer with 30 years’ experience as a nurse.

He writes for @ThisIsAnfield, @TheseFootballTimes and @TheLiverpoolWay.

Jeff grew up in Liverpool in the 1970s as an avid football supporter and also became immersed in politics during the Thatcher years.

In an exclusive interview with Merseysportlive, we hear about Jeff growing up in Liverpool, writing at a young age and what it’s like to work on social media.

He has published six books, including Red Odyssey, The Untouchables, Champions under Lockdown, We Conquered all of Europe, The Lost Shankly Boy, along with his latest novel Stanley Park Story.

Jeff was at Wembley to witness Liverpool lift a record 9th League Cup in February, and has spoken about the impact of Jurgen Klopp and the possibility of a quadruple.