As Jurgen Klopp chases his second Premier League title as Liverpool manager, a Merseysider is looking to avoid relegation with a team dubbed “the best worst team in Manchester”.

Robert Swanwick is the newly appointed Cavaliers FC assistant manager after seeing the club’s plea for help online.

Robert, from Huyton, described his aim for the side after seeing the appeal on social media.

“I discovered the team after they posted a plea after they lost 26-0,” he said.

“They were basically asking for players, coaches anyone that could help them and then Specsavers got involved.”

The eyewear specialists have thrown their weight behind the project providing the club with financial support.

Robert, who’s only been with the club for a couple of games, added: “I’ve not met them personally yet, but they have been doing a lot, they’ve provided leaflets for us for the club lottery.

“As for everything else, Jimmy Bullard’s basically been taking various training sessions, we’ve got another one with him on the 29th(March).”

The Huyton local says he’s been working with the team in training to provide them with some stability.

“My philosophy is that you’ve got to build from the back, not just in terms of possession, but you have to be solid at the back before you can work on how you’re scoring.

“If you look, we haven’t really been scoring either, I think that’s just because of the fact their heads drop, and they think what’s the point even getting a goal now.”

The side did show some improvement after losing 26-0 to Avenue FC in October.

They then played the side again last weekend losing by just the seven goals this time.

The Cavs have struggled all season long scoring just the 15 goals in 17 games this season.

Compare this to their goals against where they’ve conceded 153 goals and it paints a grim picture.

Swanwick spoke about the impact it’s had on the team having more coaching staff.

“Previously it was just Ben (Gage) the manager by himself in the training, but with there now being two coaches it halves the workload.

“It means we can have more intense, more specialised training, so it’s been very positive.”

The assistant manager has his eyes set on a head coach position in the future if possible.

“If a head coach position does arise and it works well for me, I can’t say my head wouldn’t be turned that is my long-term aim for me personally.”