A Liverpool based Power Hockey team are getting ready to take part in the first GB  League, fully dedicated to the sport.

According to the coach of the Greenbank Bears, the creation of the League will be the next stage in helping to establish, and ultimately make the sport more popular.

He said: “The British League will be starting in February (2024), so that’s a big thing for us.” He continued:” We’re becoming a national sport so that’s a big step.”

According to fellow club member, Alex Jones, this move all helps towards more lofty ambitions.” I think it will grow the sport and eventually reach the dream as having it as a Paralympic sport. What’s great about it is it’s very inclusive.”

He continued: “It isn’t just for one disability, there’s a range of disabilities and it’s just great to have a sport that can involve anyone, everyone can play and have a good time no matter their skill level or ability, I think that’s fantastic.”