The Hillsborough Survivors Support Alliance will host a sponsored walk on July 2 to raise funds for therapy treatment for survivors of the Hillsborough disaster.

The group was formed in 2019 by a group of survivors of the 1989 tragedy, and a panel of directors was formed.

Peter Scarfe is one of those founding members.

He said: “Our sponsored walk is to raise awareness that Hillsborough Survivors Support Alliance (HSA) are here to support anybody affected by the Hillsborough disaster in 1989 and the aftermath of trials and inquests.

“It is also to raise vital funds to cover the cost of delivering a bespoke therapy that is delivered by our appointed psychotherapist to help people who have been struggling with their mental health after enduring almost 33 years of battling anxiety, depression and PTSD from their lived experiences of the disaster.

“The support that HSA has been getting is mind-blowing, we have been getting support from all over the UK and beyond.

“We have been gifted many amazing prizes for our raffles and individual donations, badge sales and wristbands have been a massive hit.

“The most important thing is helping us raise awareness of the support that is available all these years later.

“There are fans all over the country and even further from Anfield who were there on the day that don’t know that we are here and help is only a message away.

“The support and therapy that we can offer is not only changing lives but also saving lives.

“We are witnessing reverse ripple effects, not only are we helping individuals rebuild their lives, but their families are also reaping the benefits of happier relationships in their personal lives.”


The sponsored walk is being hosted by organiser Mike Wilson of RedWood Events.

Mike said: “The more I heard about HSA, the more I wanted to do something to support them.

“I had put together a plan last year but the latest plan for the event on July 2 is one that we have seen be significantly successful in terms of raising funds.

“In February, we started an event fundraising for US treatment for a six-year-old cancer sufferer and we have raised just short of £200,000 for her.

“While this event is unlikely to get anywhere close to that, we can make a big difference in terms of funding the HTRM treatment for those who need it.

“I have attended the HSA meetings and listened to some of the fantastic work people are doing in terms of support and education.

“While I may not have the skills and time to be productive in that area, fundraising is something I can certainly help with.

“I was a survivor of Pen 4 in the Leppings Lane end and share similar stories to many in the group.

“I feel that I am one of the lucky ones.

“While I have very vivid memories of April 15, 1989, I appear to have been spared a lot of the anxiety and anguish that so many still face.

“It doesn’t mean that I cannot sympathise and understand their challenges.

“My experience of the people that attend the HSA meetings is humbling and inspiring.

“Without giving away any inappropriate detail, it’s fair to say that those members who attend, whilst often being from different backgrounds and home locations, share a real bond and are hugely supportive of each other.”

The walk will go through Liverpool, Everton, Marine FC, Aintree Racecourse, AXA training centre and McDonald’s East Lancs.

The fundraising event has received a hugely positive response, multiple groups of 3-6 people have already signed up for the 20-mile walk.


Mike added: “We have t-shirts and hoodies designed and ready to be ordered.

“Registration is now open, and we have a number of teams already signed up.

“We needed marshals and within 2 weeks, we had all these recruited.

“Now it’s about getting more teams and raising more money.

“We are expecting some ex-players and local celebrities to join the event.

“Maxine Peake played Anne Williams in the recent TV drama and attended an FSA Meeting in February.

“She hopes to join the event if her schedule allows.

“Ex-Liverpool keeper Chris Kirkland has signed up and is hoping to bring others with him.

“As we build-up to the event, we hope that teams will continue to register in numbers to make this a memorable event.

“Mental health charities often quote walking and talking as a great way to aid recovery.

“That’s exactly what this event aims to do.

“So hopefully this will help those HSA members in many ways.”

More info about the event can be found here.

Clothing Range

Liverpool non-profit organisation ‘Straight Outta Liverpool’ will be sponsoring the first stage of the walk and has begun selling a HSA range with all proceeds going to the Hillsborough Survivors Support Alliance.

They said:

“We at ‘STRAIGHT OUTTA LIVERPOOL’ strongly support the HSA walk event because of the amazing commitment from everyone at HSA to help anyone affected by the disaster over thirty years ago.

“It’s hard to imagine what some people saw and heard that day in 1989 and to think that people are still struggling all these years later is unimaginable.

“The therapy provided by HSA really helps people with the daily struggle of what they experienced.

“As Liverpool FC supporters and scousers we have seen the impact the disaster has had on people and understand that organisations like HSA are vital to helping people affected.”

To donate to the fundraiser click here.

(Featured Image Ben Sutherland – Wikimedia Commons-