Liverpool’s own Ryan Dickens is looking to overcome challenging opponent Jack Cook at the Olympia this weekend (April 23)

The 20-year-old from Kensington is a three-time National Champion, a European Bronze Medallist and has won gold at the Tri-National Competition in the light middleweight division.

Dickens has worked hard to achieve this, all while being a chef at TGI Friday’s in Liverpool One.

And he’s found the balance to be hard at times.

“It is hard to balance work and boxing to be honest.

“I train in the morning, come home for an hour or two, have food and then I’m working six- or seven-hour shifts and then going home straight to bed, it is tiring to be honest but it’s worth it.”

Ryan Dickens boxing an opponent

Dickens would not have predicted his success when we first took up the sport, but his rise has been astonishing.

“To be honest it was just a hobby at first and I started to enjoy training and then I started getting fights and that is what changed it for me to be honest, like the feeling of it.”

As a result of this, Dickens then became successful, and described how much winning those titles means to him.

“It means everything… obviously it is a hard sport and I sacrifice a lot and to come out winning titles like that it means the world to me.

“The biggest one for me so far is probably the European medal to be honest as it’s the highest level that I’ve boxed at and to be ranked third in Europe.”

The fight on Saturday will be a home one, with many work colleagues and friends turning up to support the young Liverpudlian.

“I’m 100% confident, I don’t think I’d do it if I wasn’t confident, but obviously I trust in my own ability.

“I feel 100%, I’ve put everything into it for the last 10 to 12 weeks so I’m ready now and I know I have done everything I can.

“He’s quite awkward to be honest so he’s quite unpredictable, to be honest if I set the pace and I try and control the fight then I can take over and take control of everything.”

Dickens also laid out his plans for the future, and with the titles he has won in short amateur career, the sky is the limit.

“There’s definitely a chance I can box professionally, it’s something I want in the future to be boxing for world titles and be world champion, but obviously I’ve got to keep working hard.

“I’m taking it one fight at a time, I’m fighting this Saturday and then I’ll be back in the gym waiting for the next fight, I’ve just got to take it one fight at a time.”

Tickets for Dickens fight are still available and are priced at £70, you can secure tickets via VIPBoxing.