Liverpool-based professional cruiserweight Nathan Quarless has opened up about his career and his future in the sport.

The rising star is managed under Steve Wood and is currently unbeaten with a 9-0 record.

And although he is yet to stop an opponent as a professional, his camp is pleased with how his career is going so far.

His impressive run since turning professional has earned him a full-time sponsor in SJJ contracts for the next 12 months.

Nathan has earned notable wins over Czech Ivo Zednicek in which he came out with a comfortable points winner after six rounds and has beaten Steve Collins Jr, his best opponent yet.

Perhaps his closest fight came when he faced Andrius Ruzas in December 2019.

The Lithuanian gave Nathan a tough fight going all the way, but it wasn’t enough to put him down.

The Scouser came out with a 39-38 win, a close call but an impressive performance, nonetheless.

He is the nephew of 1980s heavyweight Noel Quarless and he followed in his footsteps, after turning professional in March 2018 after he had started boxing as an amateur at the Salisbury ABC.

After only having 19 fights while an amateur, he was an ABA Semi-finalist in both 2016 and 2017.

He had also won the North of England title which earned him an invite to England’s talent programme.

Quarless said: “It was my dad really, obviously growing up I had a boxing family anyway and then I must have been about 11, my football team had folded so he said do you want to start boxing.

“We ended up going down to the Golden Gloves, and just went from there really, went from like two sessions a week and as I got more into it went to three and over time it was then every day.”

Nathan knew he had to put in a lot of work as boxing is a very demanding sport.

He knows a lot of hard work is needed if he is to carry on his impressive start to his career, but he is determined to be like his idols.

He said: “My role model was Joe Frazier growing up.

“He’s a totally different style of fighter to what I am but I just love the way he was coming in and was always throwing punches and his trilogy with Ali as well, yeah was probably my role model.”

Reflecting on his last fight, he claimed this was one of his proudest achievements in his career so far.

He ended his 2021 in style defeating Steve Collins Jr comfortably inside eight rounds.

“Probably my last fight (on his proudest achievement) with Steve Collins Jr, obviously he come with the name in terms of his dad, he was wanting to get back to winning ways.

“He was in a lot more fights than me and has a lot more wins than me so it was a bit of a pressure fight for me with headlining the Olympia, and then the way I boxed, the way I beat him.

“I just thought I couldn’t have done much better than that really on the night.”

It is clear to see that Nathan is on the right track to glory and has a lot of potential in the boxing world.

“The end goal obviously, everyone wants to become a World Champion.

“Obviously, financial security is there as well, they’re like the two main things that I want to get out of boxing.”

The Quarless name is etched into boxing folklore through his uncle, Noel.

Thirty years after his uncle’s final bout, a defeat to Lennox Lewis, Nathan will be hoping to win the World title.

Hes not know who he will be facing next but is in pre-camp and ready for whatever new challenges the boxing world has ready to throw at him.

“I’ve not got a date yet, but we’re sort of in a pre-camp at the minute.

“I’m dieting, I’m training hard obviously, but just not at that 100%, I’d say I’m about 80% at the minute.

“If I were to get a call and it’s like asking me if I’d want to fight in about four weeks, I’d be ready to go.

“I’d go into a four-week camp because I’ve got this base behind me so we’re just in the middle of trying to get something sorted.”