A Liverpool John Moores University lecturer is attempting a gruelling charity row to raise funds for the True Athlete Project.

Danny Cullinane, a Sports Science Department head hopes to row the marathon distance, 26. 2 miles to raise near on £1000.

“Our mission is to create a more compassionate world through sport. We don’t emphasise winning; we don’t emphasise performance as measured by medals or results. We measure by how well does that individual feel that they can function. We want them to feel secure about where they’re at.” As the world of elite sports raises its standards evermore, TAP is there to remind everyone it’s not a matter of life and death”.

The sports lecturer has been training half marathons to prepare himself, having faith in his fitness, he said: “I suspect there’s going to be a lot of mental challenge because you’re doing the activity and going nowhere!” He’s got brain games prepared to fight the fatigue: “I think about things like how many European football teams can I think of, and I’ll think of a different one every stroke for a whole kilometre.”

Whakapapa, the focus for the funds raised from the marathon aims to encourage a chain-like avenue of support where athletes who have been helped then go on to help others in need. Cullinane said, “We have a mentorship programme where we have access to international elite-level athletes who want to get back into the sport and we put them together with up-and-coming young athletes who are looking for guidance and support.”

The international scale of the operation is where the money is needed “To manage all of that, to train the mentors and connect them it costs money.” continued Danny: “Ideally it will go to scholarships for those who have financial constraints.”

Danny will be rowing from 9AM on Tuesday 25th October outside the Student Life Building on Brownlow hill. Donations via