Dave “Chizzy” Chisnall fell short at the hands of Chris “Hollywood” Dobey in the quarter finals of the European Championships.

Chizzy fought all the way with a 98.74 average, 50% checkout rate and the highest checkout of the match at 167. However, Hollywood’s performance was too good as he averaged 104.63 and a record 12 180s.

Despite some respectable scoring, Chisnall fell behind in the opening leg. Dobey scored two 180s on his way to taking the first leg in 13 darts.

Hollywood continued this form in to the second leg as once again he secured two 180s and a 100 score. Sticking double eight, Dobey took an early 2-0 lead.

Chizzy however fought back on Dobey’s throw. With three 100+ scores, the world number 15 reduced the deficit to one leg.

Bedlington-born Dobey instantly struck back on Chizzy’s throw in 18 darts. With 40 remaining, Hollywood used all three darts to hit double 20.

The St Helens-born player didn’t let this affect him though as he put up an impressive 12 dart leg. Scoring 100 twice and a 134, Chizzy pinned bullseye for a fantastic 167 checkout before the break.

Chizzy impressed post-break. In 13 darts, he took out 72 to level it up.

This continued into the next leg. Both players scored well as they got down to checkout territory. When Dobey had 20 remaining, Chizzy fired at double 18 for a 110 finish, giving him a 3-4 lead.

Hollywood started the next leg in impressive fashion hitting a 180. In 18 arrows, he levelled the game.

This spurred him on. Scoring 180, 140 and 135, the world number 26 took out 46 to win in 11 darts and led the match once again.

There was no splitting these two as Chizzy returned the match to an even game-state before the break.

Following the break, Dobey scored two 140s in leg 13 of the match. Connecting with double 16 with his first dart, he gained the lead.

To extend his lead in the match, the world number 26 played a spectacular leg. Recording two 180s, and a break of throw, it took him 11 darts to win the leg in remarkable fashion.

Both players could not be separated in the succeeding two legs. Chizzy bit back with a 14 dart leg, and a break of throw, whilst Dobey came out victorious in leg 14.

With eyes on the finish line, Hollywood hit regular 100+ scores on his route to winning leg 15 to give him a 9-6 lead and one leg from the match win.

Chizzy, needing to win this leg to stay in the match, pounced on Dobey’s inability to checkout 64. Needing 40 to reduce the deficit, he did exactly that on his first dart at it.

A 180 each to begin with, Dobey succeeded this with a 131 before taking out 94 to eliminate Chizzy from the tournament.

Dobey will now face the winner of world number 1 Peter Wright against Ross Smith in a best of 21 legs format.