Paddy Pimblett has uploaded a video titled ‘Let’s talk about Jake Paul’, responding to the American, who had offered a million dollars for a sparring match with the UFC star.

YouTube video via Paddy The Baddy

During the video posted on Pimblett’s own YouTube channel, the fighter says Paul knows “full well I am fighting next week,” and is still trying to fight him regardless.

In his callout video, the 6-0 boxer offers Pimblett a million dollars if he is to win the sparring match between the two.

“If you win I’ll give you a million dollars, which is what you deserve to get paid Paddy.

“If I win you have to join the United Fighters Association.” This last point is reference to a group created by Paul as a union for fighters that he has already attempted to headhunt other MMA personalities to join.

Game to fight Paul

Although Pimblett is one half of the UFC 282 co-main event this weekend in Las Vegas, the Scouser was adamant he would fight Paul with some financial expectations.

“Lad I would spar him anytime,” said Pimblett.

“We would have to get the million put in escrow because I know he would just bump me. He wouldn’t give me a million dollars after I beat him up.”

Later on in the video, Paddy explains that an MMA fight, or spar, wouldn’t happen between him and Paul because the 6-0 boxer knows he wouldn’t stand a chance if grappling was involved.

UFC star Paddy the Baddy is set to take the US by storm

“Lad, if I felt like it when I was sparring him I’d just pick him up and drop him on his head.

“If I felt like it I could just shoot in pick him up and drop him on his forehead and then kick him in the face on the floor if I wanted to.”

Adding: “You want to have a real fight?.”

Where and when?

The Next Generation MMA fighter claimed Paul had reached out via social media and offered to fly him to Puerto Rico after he offered to spar with him the Monday after his fight at the UFC Performance Institute in Las Vegas.

“I’ve said to him come and spar me on the 12th in the PI in Vegas. I am there on the Monday, come and spar me let’s do it. And he’s said I’ve got something I need to do. Come to Puerto Rico on the 19th or the 20th.

“No I am not doing it on your terms.”

Pimblett announced during the video that Jake Paul is booked into the UFC fighter’s podcast: the Chattin’ Pony Podcast, on January 5 crediting Paul on the decision.

Paul has previously beaten former UFC fighters and has been criticised for shifting the fights in his favour, whether it be fighting fighters who predominantly wrestle or strikers who are arguably past their prime.

Said Pimblett: “That’s the thing with Jake Paul, he always wants it on his terms. He’ll never have it with anyone on an even playing field.”

Weight class agreements

Paul tends to fight at around 190 pounds whilst Pimblett’s fight weight is 155 pounds. Therefore, ‘the Baddy’ has told Paul he would have to make at least 175 pounds for the fight to take place.

Both men are up there with the biggest names in combat sports and a sparring match between the two would attract millions of viewers.