Northern Kites is a water-sports shop with a kitesurf & wingfoil school based in the Wirral. They have a base in West Kirby and their HQ is in Wallasey.

They offer a range of water sports benefits from lessons with pro kite-surfing instructors to professional equipment.

Kitesurfing is an exhilarating water-sport and in its simplest form is a clash between weight boarding and power kiting.

Kitesurfing is set to make its Olympic debut at the Olympic Games Paris 2024.

Professionals can compete in a variety of competitions from foil racing, big air and free-styling.

Experienced kite-surfer Sam Walsh said: “My home spot is the Wirral, the Wirral spot tends to work on a north westerly wind when there is wind it’s quite a good spot”.

“I previously started off using foil kites which are almost like parachutes and now we’re up to hybrid kites.”

“For a long time there were sea kites which was when kitesurfing was considered a dangerous sport”.

Photo by Jason Cranfield

Speed can vary based on experience. An average kite-surfer can surf between 15-25 mph, 40 mph for an experienced kite surfer and professionals can achieve speeds of 50-60 mph. 

Kite-surfers are restricted depending on the weather, the wind is a crucial factor to gain speed and height. 

“Now there are kites that allow the sport to be very accessible to a whole range of people.”

This can be an expensive sport due to the equipment involved.

Kite purchases from Northern Kites start at £1089.00 to £1899.00, but renting is an option.

Kitesurfing is a rare sport that requires wind, water and professional equipment.

“It’s quite a recent sport you know doesn’t go back very long, does not have much of a history but throughout its existence its been very experimental.”

Professionals can compete in a variety of competitions from foil racing, big air and free-styling.

Photo by Jason Cranfield

The Wirral have a tight-knit kitesurfing community offering a friendly environment for all people no matter of age or ability. 

In the right weather kitesurfing can be a thrilling experience on a windy weekend in Wallasey.

(Featured image with permission from Jason Cranfield)