Liverpool boxer Jack McGann says his stoppage victory over Laszlo Toth was the perfect fight for him as he continues to develop as a professional.

The former Hungarian super-welterweight champion’s corner withdrew Toth from the fight after a dominant opening five rounds by the Liverpudlian on Friday.

McGann picked up his fifth stoppage in eight victories to move to 8-0-1 as a pro after turning over in 2018.

“I’m happy with the result and some of the stuff I did [in the ring]. I’m over the moon to get the win obviously but there’s a lot of stuff I can take from [the fight] and work on which is the main thing”, said McGann.

“But overall the night was a success.”

The stoppage

Toth, who entered the bout with a record of 31-6-2, had only been stopped once prior to the fight.

The Briton however says the Hungarian’s corner made the right decision to save their man from further punishment.

“He’s tough as boots and I think the stoppage was right because in the fifth round he was on his bike and ate a lot of shots, it was only going one way.

“He would’ve happily went out on his shield but it was the right call.

jack McGann v Laszlo toth
With permission from Jim Diamond.

Despite the fight only lasting five full rounds, McGann is grateful for the learning curve as he continues to transition to boxing after initially starting out in MMA.

“When you look at it at face value you can see his experience, but that’s the first time I’ve been in with someone and I could actually feel his experience.

“I think it was a good step-up and the perfect fight for me at the time, I learned loads from it.”

McGann now looks to build momentum after the pandemic interrupted his career just five fights in.

Four consecutive stoppage victories have put him in good stead for a big 2023.

“I feel like it’s all coming together now. With the team I’ve got and my coach Martin Murray, this is the time it’s happening.

“With each fight I can see improvements which is the main thing. I’m glad with how it’s going.”

Introduction to combat sport

The Liverpudlian’s journey in combat sports began after his dad founded the renowned WolfsLair Gym in the city.

McGann’s was initially introduced to the world of MMA as a means of providing the means to defend himself.

However, McGann soon began to flourish and decided to take up the sport full-time.

“I had my first MMA fight when I was 13…and 16 fights as a pro. I fought internationally and across Russia at a high level before I changed to boxing at 25.

“I am truly learning on the job [in boxing]. I think I had my first ten rounder in my seventh fight and I started off in six rounders, so I’m definitely taking the MMA fight into my experience and fast-tracking as best as I can.”

Above: McGann spars actor Tom Hardy.

McGann is also trained by former British and Commonwealth middleweight champion Martin Murray.

The St Helen’s man fought for world titles on four separate occasions and possesses a wealth of experience in the pro game.

McGann however says the support provided out of the ring has aided his pro journey so far.

“Martin Murray as a man is one of the nicest people in the world. He truly cares and that comes out in how much work he puts into us.

“I’ve been round fighters all my life and he’s one of the most knowledgeable I’ve come across.

“Anything I ask him or if I’ve got a problem and I put it to him, he gives me the answer in a way I didn’t even think of. His knowledge is unmatched.”

Tom Hardy friendship

Despite having less than ten fights, McGann has built connections with prominent people across the boxing world and beyond.

Peaky Blinders star Tom Hardy has been a good friend for a while and regularly wishes the Liverpudlian well ahead of his fights.

“I’ve known Tom for years. We met through a mutual friend and he sends good luck videos for the fights.

“I remember one of them, he got in trouble because he sent a message when he was on the set of Peaky Blinders in all the gear but it hadn’t been announced he was on the show.

“The promotion I was fighting for used the clip and the BBC got in touch because no one knew.

“Whenever he’s got a movie role coming up that he has to get in shape for, his method is to do a fight camp. We do sessions with him but it’s not for show, he can really fight.”

McGann was eager to thank animal welfare charity ‘Power of One’ who sponsor the Liverpudlian.

“I couldn’t have done this without them. I urge everyone to get behind the charity and support them. They do everything for me.”

(Featured image: with permission from Jim Diamond)