A local hockey club have been helping families during the cost of living crisis by making the sport accessible for kids to play.

Liverpool Sefton Hockey Club, the most successful club in Merseyside with 10 teams playing in various leagues, have found ways to keep prices down for families.

Junior Memberships have been kept down at £55 a year, with individual sessions costing £3.

Balls and sticks are provided for juniors taking part.

As the country faces rising living costs, more grassroots sports have been under pressure to keep up memberships.

Gill Cussons, secretary at the club, says Liverpool Sefton Hockey Club’s community have a strong support system in place.

“The club sensitively address any issue a vulnerable parent may have. The parent’s have formed a tight bond where they can support each other”.

One support the club can rely on is the Liverpool Club Foundation charity, who have been financially helping communities over the last 20 years.

Tom Knight, parent and Master’s player, says it’s vital for clubs like Liverpool to keep junior players in the game.

“It’s so important that we keep grassroots sport accessible for local people. Local sport that people can play on a regular basis is huge”.

(featured image by Kieron Richardson, MerseySportLive)