Liverpool fans have hit out at the club’s decision to reduce the number of season tickets allocated for the new Anfield Road Stand expansion.

The stand expansion will mean an extra 7,000 supporters can cram inside Anfield, the development is due for completion in the summer, but fans say they are confused.

Those on the long term season ticket waiting list are especially disappointed with the allocation of just one seventh of the new stand capacity.

In a statement on the club’s website, Liverpool announced the breakdown on the club web site: “1,000 new season tickets, 3,000 general admissions, a new young adults section in the lower tier, most expensive single adult ticket to cost £54 and the cheapest being £30.

Life-long Liverpool fan Ben Clark says the allocation is unfair, especially those who have been waiting longer than himself:

“I’ve been on the waiting list for 15 years and I can hardly get a ticket to the game and I’ve been on the waiting list for ages, so I think it’s unfair on those who have been on there for even longer”.

Clark believes the lack of season ticket holders in the new stand could back fire on the club.

“I think it will have an impact on the atmosphere at Anfield because it’ll probably be corporate tickets and they don’t make a sound do they”.

“Season ticket holders are the ones that come every week, they’re the loyal fans and I think the atmosphere would be better if they had given more tickets to them to be honest”.

Current Liverpool season ticket holder Tom Stickels also feels more than 1,000 tickets should be given to those waiting patiently for the chance of a season ticket:

“Personally, I believe there should be more tickets for the season ticket holders. People have been waiting for upwards of ten years at least, in certain cases it can take 20-25 years plus. And, I think it feels like the club could be ripping the fans off a bit in-terms of there’s only a small proportion that’s gone towards the season ticket holders”.

With 1,000 tickets going to season ticket holders and 3,000 going to general admission, supporters are confused as to who gets the other seats.

Matt Ladson, editor at ‘thisisanfield’ posted on Twitter: “Slightly confused by Liverpool’s announcement of ticketing for the new Anfield Road Stand. 7,000 new seats, 1,000 new season tickets, 3,000 general admission seats per game. Where’s the other 3,000 going?”

Some fans believe the atmosphere at Anfield could be effected (Photo Credits- Gavin Ruffel).