A weekly fitness initiative run by the University of Liverpool Sport and Fitness centre is set to continue in the city this term.

The event was established before the 2020 Covid pandemic to encourage both staff and students at the university to engage in physical activity throughout the working week.

Pre-pandemic, the group consisted of 8-15 members per session, who would meet every Monday and Wednesday at 1pm to embark on a 30-minute planned route walk around the campus.

The scheme was forced to shut down due to the pandemic and has since struggled to regain the same number of members as before.

Staff at Sport Liverpool are eager to relaunch their ‘Walk for Health’ initiative and hope to boost publicity and numbers to their weekly walks in the coming spring and summer terms.

Organiser of the scheme, Emma Swinney said:

“The idea was to make students and staff take a break and get away from their desks for a short while, and the socialising and fitness benefits came naturally with it.

“Through the winter no one came but come spring we want to re-market it and set it back up.”

Membership for the walking group is free and open to the public, as well as students and staff of the university.

Going forward, the sessions will run at 1pm every Wednesday.

The centre has also launched a lunchtime outdoor boot camp session to encourage an alternative form of fitness engagement, which will take place every Tuesday on campus.