Merseyside Derby by Nigel Wilson via Collective Commons License

The Merseyside derby hasn’t been the most exhilarating in recent years, whether that’s down to Liverpool’s dominance, Everton’s struggles or a mixture of both, the clash has seemed somewhat lacklustre.

The Reds set a rather impressive record for the longest unbeaten run against two rival teams as the Blues failed to conjure a win in 23 consecutive games between 2011 and 2020, with their first coming in February 2021 where they won 2-0 at Anfield.

So, while is it fair to say the derby is Everton’s biggest game of the season, is it just another league fixture for Liverpool?

With Liverpool having their sights set on the illustrious Premier League under Jurgen Klopp and Everton trying to stay afloat under Sean Dyche, the derby doesn’t seem to have the same appeal as the likes of the North London derby or the Manchester derby. some Liverpool fans have argued the clash against Manchester United is a bigger occasion.

Although the Reds vs Blues rivalry is the longest-running top-flight derby, Liverpool vs United always seems to be the match that shows the ill-feeling between the two cities. the ill feeling is what rivalries and derby’s are made of and it’s safe to say that most Liverpool fans see United as their real enemy and Everton as bragging rights in the city.

It’s on Everton to reignite the flame between the two teams who are across the park from each other with some better performances against their counterparts and a successful run in the league. The gap needs closing between the two and the Blues need to be more competitive if they are to catch Liverpool fans eyes when the fixture list comes out.

Ahead of this weekend’s meeting, Dyche referred to “A proper derby” stated: “Their (Liverpool) record is very strong, they are a very good outfit, and we know that and our record their needs changing, we know that, and it’s been a long time with not many wins, but it’s a tough place to go.”

In response to a question about key factors on why Liverpool have been successful in the derby Klopp said: “I’ve never thought about it” and “I couldn’t be less interested in what happened.”

“They (Everton) always deserve respect. I can’t prepare for it as a one-off game”.

TalkSPORT pundit Hugh Woozencroft called it “The worst derby in the Premier League.” He added: “It’s consistently a poor football match. Sometimes you get a bit of drama and I’m not blaming Liverpool.”

Most derby games don’t live up to the hype and Liverpool vs Everton is the prime example of this. It’s the most drawn fixture between two teams in Premier League history, with 69 draws in 208 encounters it’s not exactly the most thrilling to watch.

Liverpool hope to top the table with all three points at Anfield while Everton are looking to build on their impressive win against Bournemouth before the international break.