Everton fans have voiced their disgust at the possibility of a points deduction, while former player Peter Reid said only supporters would feel any punishment.

It was announced last week that Everton could be hit with a record-breaking point deduction as the Premier League look to set an example on Financial Fair play breaches.

If found guilty, the Toffees could face a punishment of a 12-point deduction which would have been enough to relegate the side in both their previous two campaigns.

Reid posted on X that such a punishment would be out of line with what has happened to other clubs.

“It would be crazy,” he said.

With the side lingering dangerously above the relegation zone and struggling to hit the ground running, this could plummet Sean Dyche’s team to the bottom of the Premier League on -2 points, based on the current league standings.

In a week that has been a solemn one for Evertonians, following the passing of club Chairman Bill Kenwright, the latest reports of a breach will no doubt have struck fear into blues supporters.

Reports suggest that despite clubs only being allowed to lose a maximum of £105m over a three-year period, Everton had recorded losses of over £371m over the previous three years and more than a £430m loss over a five-year period.

Everton believe they have complied with the rules and will defend their position in the hope of satisfying independent commissioners.

But what is FFP?

The central component of FFP legislation is the break-even rule, which mandates that teams must not spend more than they bring in and balance their accounts over a three-year period.

A club’s outgoings related to transfers, employee benefits (including salary), financing charges, and dividends will be taken into account for determining revenue, rather than revenue from matchday revenues, TV revenue, advertising, financing, player sales, and prize money.

Money used for youth training, training facilities, or infrastructure are not included.

Why Everton feel harshly treated

The news of these losses and the speculation that the investigation could be wrapped-up in such a small time period has sparked outrage and queries as to why treble winners Manchester City and their ongoing battle against FFP has seemingly gone quiet, despite having 115 alleged breaches spanning a nine-year period.

Everton fans feel as though the reason there has been such a slow-down on the investigation into the Manchester club is down to the success of the champions in comparison to Everton.

Fans of other clubs have also been quick to criticise the scrutiny toward Everton and the fairness in the dealing of both clubs’ alleged FFP breaches.



Ex-Liverpool and Everton academy player Jamie Carragher was quick to make his feelings known regarding the situation. He suggested if Everton will be punished then City could be in a spot of bother in the future.


Blues boss Sean Dyche, speaking in the clubs press conference ahead of last weekend’s victory over West Ham, was quick to shut down any questions regarding the points deduction.

He said: “I’m not worried about anything, it’s out of my control. I’m just waiting for the commissioner to do their jobs and then see what’s what.

“I’m not going to start talking about things that haven’t happened.”