The USA triumphed over an impressive Team UK who fought until the last second of the World’s Strongest Nation at Liverpool’s M&S Bank Arena.

Eddie Hall’s team where unable to replicate their form from last year’s tournament that saw Team UK victorious. This time it was the other way around with the US taking the lead and the UK playing catch up.

Evan Singleton was the man of the night as he got the most bonus points for his side and Kevin Faires created a new world record as he managed to hold the wrecking ball for an impressive 113 seconds.

Team UK still impressed though as Lucy Underdown was able to do 13 reps in the axle deadlift and Mark Felix continues to defy logic at his age.

The US won the first two events of the night, capitalising on their strength and speed.

Event three was won by the UK as all their abilities was based in their power of strength.  Underdown managed to do 13 reps which overshadowed the US.

The UK then looked to go clear after the fourth event due to amazing work by Andre Thompson and Luke Stoltman.

However, a stubborn Singleton wouldn’t allow that to happen and he surpassed everyone by doing seven circus dumbbell carries which took the scorecard 22-19.

Things looked to be going smoothly for the Americans in the fifth event as Faires beat the world record in the wrecking ball hold event.

However, it came down to the one and only the Miracle Man, as he was able to bring back his team to victory by almost reaching 100 seconds in the clock.

Event six was the signal for team UK to go with everything, as losing this contest would mean the race was over.

Luckily for them, this was the event were team USA had no chance as Hall’s team slammed to the floor.

From the women’s, men’s and mixed tugs, the US were never close to gain a step as they where dragged by the Brits.

It all came down to the last event, the power stairs. This was the perfect game for the US as their speed was unmatchable, meaning they had the upper hand.

Having Erin Murray and Singleton run at the speed of light gave the tournament win to the Americans.

The US claimed their first title of the competition, leaving a UK team devastated as they were unable to retain their crown.

“Team UK is formidable. We had to get everything right. As no one does strongman like the UK,” said US captain Martin Licis.

The UK’s Rebecca Roberts said: “Sadly we didn’t win this time, but I felt we didn’t put a foot wrong. But as a team today we weren’t good enough unfortunately.”

Team USA’s Spencer Remick said:”A lot of us felt the steam from last year’s. We didn’t performed up to our standards last time. A this time we had a game plan, we performed as a team rather than individuals, and that’s how we got it.”