Bidston Sports and Activity Centre is the Wirral’s most state-of-the-art fitness centre, having undergone an extensive refurbishment in 2023. The facilities offer an updated variety of new facilities and activites catering to all ages and abilities. The TAGactive Zone is Bidston Sports and Activity Centre’s latest addition

Brought in alongside a Soft Play zone for younger children, TAGactive is tailored towards slightly older children/teenagers, but equally popular amongst adults. It is a high-intensity game played in a 3-floored arena where the participant uses climbing, running, balancing and gathering points which are displayed on the leader board.

Regular users of BBC iPlayer may have noticed a familiar programme is returning to television for 2024! Gladiators has been rebooted and is back on the air. The surrounding hype is palpable for this blast of nostalgic television and local leisure centres are keen to capitalise.

Available to stream via BBC iPlayer, fans of the show may have sat on the couch full of envy for the contestants, but little did they realise that the next best thing may be closer than they had realised. In the realm of arena-based competitions, both TAGactive and Gladiators share compelling similarities

Both arena-based challenges, TAGactive takes participants on an immersive exploration within multilevel, multi-zoned arenas. These arenas are carefully designed with interconnected activity areas, pushing participants to demonstrate not only physical prowess but also mental agility. Similarly, Gladiators opts for an arena setting where contenders and Gladiators engage in a diverse range of speed- and strength-based events, creating an environment that demands peak physical performance.

Both employ the power of gamification and metrics to enhance the participant experience. TAGactive achieves this by utilizing player-worn electronic bands, effectively transforming the arena into an interactive gaming space. These bands not only gamify the challenges but also provide competitive metrics, adding an extra layer of excitement. Gladiators on the other hand, adopts a points accumulation system throughout each episode, which determines the contenders’ overall performance and success.


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When it comes to the competition format, TAGactive structures its gameplay with the players engaging in three intense 15-minute games per session. These bouts are separated by short intervals for rest and rejuvenation. In contrast, Gladiators unfolds as a tournament-based spectacle, guiding contenders through the stages of quarterfinals, semi-finals, and culminating in the grand finals.

Both employ a unique points system to measure participants’ success. TAGactive assigns points based on the difficulty of reaching illuminated TAGs placed strategically throughout the arena. This introduces a tactical element, compelling participants to make decisions that balance risk and reward. In the Gladiators arena, points are judiciously awarded based on contenders’ performances in a variety of challenging events, further intensifying the competition.

While pursuing fitness and physical excellence, both TAGactive and Gladiators infuse an element of fitness and fun into their games. TAGactive promotes a holistic approach by intertwining fitness, fun, and competition, creating an environment where participants can enjoy their journey to physical well-being. Conversely, Gladiators places a strong emphasis on testing contenders’ physical abilities through a series of challenging events, creating an engaging and entertaining spectacle for viewers.

In essence, TAGactive and Gladiators offer unique and captivating experiences that blend physicality, strategy, and entertainment. So next time you find yourself staring at the screen in envy of the Gladiators, consider heading down to Bidston Sports and Activity centre and trying out the Tag Active facilities for yourself!