Lancashire will play Nottingham in the County Championship as Southport and Birkdale host the Roses for the fourth consecutive season.

The club attracts sold-out crowds, helping the club with income and other factors that a  side needs to function.

Lancashire have supported the club with machinery and side screens to get the ground up to spec for the first team to have the best chance to succeed.

Homegrown and county talent reside at the club due to the great facilities that they boast. The same facilities also attract a new and young demographic to the cricket club, as they hope to one day play for Lancs at Trafalgar Road.

Lancashire hope to keep up their impressive form at Trafalgar Road. They’ve set some impressive records at Southport and Birkdale, including one of the highest run totals in first-class cricket. It was the same game where Keaton Jennings boasted an impressive 318 against Somerset.

Lancs face Notts on June 30th.